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With rides catering to the most avid thrill seekers to tamer rides for tots, the storied Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles is an amusement park with something for every member of the family. Opened in 1971 as Magic Mountain, the park had 500 employees and 33 attractions. Admission price then was $5 for adults and $3.50 for children 3 to 12. Among the rides available at its grand opening were the steel roller coaster Goldrusher, a Grand Prix style racer and a skyride. The park also secured the rights to use Looney Tunes characters, but did not exercise this right for another 10 years.
In 1973, Magic Mountain added its second roller coaster, called Mountain Express. In 1976, Magic Mountain opened The Great American Revolution, the country’s first 360-degree steel looping roller coaster. In 1978, the Colossus opened up, which was, at the time, the fastest dual-track wooden roller coaster.

In 1979, the park was sold to Six Flags which added that name at the beginning of Magic Mountain. In 2006, Six Flags tried to sell Magic Mountain along with some of its other parks. The sale was never successful and the park remains in the Six Flags brand.

Magic Mountain has a variety of rides and gauges the thrill value of each from mild to maximum. Featured in the mild rides, geared toward younger patrons, is the Canyon Blaster. This ride has allows children 33 inches tall to ride with an adult or they can ride alone if 36 inches or taller. It is a roller coaster ride located in the Bugs Bunny World area of the park. There are 19 other rides listed with the mild thrill value, some of which allow children to ride alone while others require an adult to accompany them.

There are 14 rides listed as moderate at Magic Mountain. The featured ride in this category is Superman: The Escape. This ride accelerates from 0 to 100 miles per hour in just seven seconds while taking riders through a special effects tunnel. The ride shoots up a 41-story tower where the trains free fall straight down. Patrons experience 6.5 seconds of weightlessness. The dual track coaster was opened in 1997. Almost all of these rides have a minimum height requirement of at least 42 inches, though there is no minimum for the Buccaneer, as long as an adult also rides.

For extreme riders, there are 10 attractions with a maximum thrill value. The Riddler’s Revenge doesn’t have the top speed of Superman: The Escape, but with riders standing up while being sent head over heels throughout the one-mile long ride. The Riddler’s Revenge features a 360-degree vertical loop and a 360-degree oblique loop. There are also two over-the-top diving loops and 150-foot long barrel rolls.

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To enjoy all the fun the park has to offer multiple times without breaking the family budget, Six Flags offers a Play Pass, which is the same price as a single-day ticket but offers users unlimited visits for the year. It also comes with a pass holder value coupon book, which offers up to four free tickets for friends to use on select days and more than $300 savings on games, food and souvenirs throughout the park. The pass also gives free access to special events and concerts held at the park. The pass can be purchased by going to the Magic Mountain website.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is an amusement park with fun for the whole family and with the Play Pass that fun can be had many times a year.

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