Lou Malnati’s Coupons


History of Lou Malnatis

Lou Malnati’s is a local family owned pizzeria based out of Northbrook, Illinois. The company was established when they opened their first restaurant in Lincolnwood, IL in 1971. To date they have about 30 locations which are located in and around the Chicagoloand area.

Lou Malnati’s specializes in selling Chicago style deep dish pizza. Their pizza is characterized by the thick flaky butter crust, the large amount of melted cheese, and its sweet tomato sauce. One of the most popular items on their menu is the Chicago Style sausage pizza which utilizes a large circular patty of sausage that covers the entire pizza as opposed to chopped sausage. Beyond pizza, the Chicago restaurant also sells many other entrees including pastas, sandwiches, soups, salads, appetizers, and desserts.

For residents and visitors of Chicago, the pizza can be delivered, picked up from a restaurant or enjoyed while dining in. Most of the restaurants also contain a full sports bar. Lou Malnati’s also frequently opens pizza booths at many Chicagoland summer fests including the Taste of Chicago.

Shipping Pizzas

While Lou Malnati’s is based only in the Chicago area, it is well known across the country. Because of their immense popularity, the restaurant has begun selling frozen pizzas which can be shipped anywhere in the country. These pizzas are commonly sent as gifts, but can also be found in some grocery stores located throughout the country.

Ways to Get Discount Codes and Promotional Coupons for Lou Malnati’s

While many people feel that Lou Malnati’s pizza is too expensive to order consistently, excellent coupons that can save quite a bit of money off the pizza cost can be found online. Other printable coupons can be found through the Lou Malnati’s website. The restaurant allows customers to sign up for Malnati Mail, which frequently sends specials and coupon offers to members of the website. Through Malnati Mail, customers will also receive special discounts that can be used on their birthdays.

While various coupons can be found online, the best place to find coupons for Lou Malnatis is directly through the restaurant. Lou Malnati’s often provides coupons to customers when they receive their pizza. These coupons often include a few dollars off a large pizza, buy one get one free deals, and discounts on salads, desserts, and drinks. The restaurant also has a points based loyalty program called Deep Dish Dough which offers points and extra discounts to repeat customers.

To keep good relationships with the local community, Lou Malnati’s also offers pizza to children as an incentive. If a child successfully completes a summer reading program they receive a coupon for a free pizza.

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