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Loreal History

L’Oréal was first founded in 1907 by Eugène Schueller when he developed a hair coloring formula. He first registered his company in 1909 under the name Société Française de Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux (French Company for Safe Hair Dyes). The name was soon changed to l’Oréal.

The company soon started selling in Austria, Holland and Italy in 1912 and by the end of 1920, with only 3 chemists and 10 sales representatives, they were selling in 17 countries. In 1950, a boom in sales, thanks to blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe and naturally brunette Brigitte Bardot, brought the company to 100 chemists working on cold permanents, lightening tints, coloring shampoo, and sunscreen.

They soon turned their interest to skin care. In the 60s, the company was first listed on the French stock exchange and they began purchasing other companies, such as Lancome and Garnier. In the 70s, they associated with Nestlé and ventured in publishing with Marie-Claire and Interedi-Cosmopolitan. They continued to grow throughout the years to become the leader in cosmetics, skin care and perfumes that it is today.

Family of Companies

On the L’Oréal Corporate website, you can view and access all their company websites, such as Lancome, Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Giorgio Armani perfumes and cosmetics, Garnier, Maybeline NY, Redken, Kérastase, Matrix, Pureology and of course L’Oréal Paris and L’Oréal Professional. Each of these brand websites offer their own coupons specific to their brand.

To get coupons for L’Oréal Paris products, go to their official site and click on the special offers and savings section on the bottom left of the screen. This section will give you the option to find out what special offers are available in your local newspaper as well as let you print some of them at home without having to wait. You can click on the right of the screen for current promotions, which right now include a contest for a $10,000 makeover and fashion consultation with Project Runway and Marie Claire, and a contest to win a red carpet beauty collection.

Discounts, Coupons, and Promotional Savings for Loreal

You can also get a $2 off coupon for any eye product, a $1 off Go 360 Clean new product, a $1 off any product through their “How can I help you” feature and an offer for a free sample for EverPure. This site also allows you to sign up to receive special offers on your phone or to become a fan on facebook where they post a newsletter and special offers on your wall. I have searched all the other coupons websites and every coupon offered links back to the L’Oréal Paris website linked above. The offers on the official site are updated weekly, so check back often and don’t forget to become a fan on facebook. I get my coupons directly from them there, so no need to search.

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