Lean Cuisine Coupons

lean cusisine coupons

History of the Lean Cuisine Brand

Lean Cuisine is a famous brand of frozen meals than include dinners and entrees. This brand is available for sale in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Originally created by Stouffer’s Products, the brand is now owned by the Switzerland based Nestle Company.

The Lean Cuisine brand was created by Stouffer’s to be a low calorie, low fat alternative to the regular line of Stouffer’s meals. Originally the product line included ten varieties and then developed into a selection of more than 100 meals. Because of the product’s name, it is required to meet certain requirements to be classified as being “lean.” Nevertheless, each item had less than ten grams of fat, less than 95 milligrams of cholesterol, and less than 4.5 grams of saturated fat. The calories of each item ranges from 140 to 400 calories.

One of the features of Lean Cuisine that is handy is that the different packages are color coded that help the consumer understand what type of meal it includes. Red means Comfort Classics, yellow indicates One Dish Favorites, orange means Casual Eating Classics, green is Café Classics, blue represents Spa Cuisine Classics, and brown tells you that it’s one of the Dinnertime Selects products.

What Else Does Lean Cuisine Do?

Lean Cuisine believes that people can eat better and still have good food to eat. That’s why their new motto is “Keep Life Delicious.” The measured portions and documented nutrition of Lean Cuisine meals allows consumers to track their food consumption. In fact, there’s a place on the Web site in the section called “Staying on Track” that allows you to enter the food you’ve eaten. You can get recipes and help planning your meal schedule and suggestions of how to include Lean Cuisine to your advantage. It also has exercise and fitness tips and a place where you can record and track your activities. There is also a forum for where registered users can discuss the results of their diet and exercise plans. This helps to inspire people to continue with their healthy lifestyle and to share different ways to use Lean Cuisine and exercise to build a better lifestyle. Another part of the “Staying on Track” section has a place where you can communicate with a nutritionist and get expert advice for your diet. You can browse a variety of nutritional topics and ask your own questions so that you can design your diet properly.

Get Promotional Discounts, Deals, and Coupon Codes for Lean Cuisine

Lean Cuisine coupons are routinely published in the coupon sections of local Sunday newspapers. Lean Cuisine coupons are also sent out through direct mailings and to email addresses of members who have registered at the Lean Cuisine Web site. People looking for Lean Cuisine coupons can also look for them at their local grocery store.

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