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History of Kings Island

King’s Island opened on April 29, 1972. King’s Island is the direct descendant of Ohio’s Coney Island, which operated from the 1870’s to September 6, 1971. Coney Island had been plagued with flooding problems since its birth. Park owners finally realized the gravity of the situation and relocated Coney Island’s rides to King’s Mill, Ohio, and gave the new park the appropriate name of King’s Island. Today people remember Coney Island and King’s Island in combination. Some refer to King’s Island as the modern Coney Island instead of a theme park in itself.

When King’s Island first opened, its most popular ride was The Racer. This rollercoaster has two coaster tracks running side by side, blue cars on one side and red cars on the other. The coasters start at the same time and race to see which one wins. Spectators’ often watch the racer to see which side wins.

King’s Island’s Eiffel Tower is a one third size replica of the original Eiffel tower in Paris, France. Visitors can ride to the top of this tower and enjoy the view of the park.

Celebrities have been a part of the park’s past. Episodes of The Brady Bunch and Partridge Family were filmed at King’s Island, and Evel Knievel once jumped 14 greyhound buses for the television show Wide World of Sports.


When you think about King’s Island, think about its coasters. The park has made these thrilling rides a focal point of its ride regime. Going on a King’s island rollercoaster shows your friends just how much you’re willing to endure to have the time of your life. The 7419 foot wooden rollercoaster called “The Beast” is the world’s longest wooden roller coaster, 30 years and counting. Its habit of stalling at its peak doesn’t hurt the suspense of the ride, either. King’s Island opened The King Cobra in 1984. It was the world’s first stand-up rollercoaster. 1987’s Vortex coaster’s six inversions made it the first rollercoaster to offer this to riders. That’s a lot of loops.

King’s Island’s Boomerang Bay is a 15-acre waterpark that specializes in pleasing people who like to get their feet wet. The water rides allow you to take a short break from the scary coasters that lurk about the park. For the faint of heart, you can go to third level rides: Carnival rides. Kings Island has all the standard favorites.

Seasonal Celebrations

King’s Island hosts many celebrations around the holidays. Their holiday-themed attractions and shows are beautiful, but they usually announce those events at the time of the holiday. No postings have been made for holidays yet. King’s Island offers many forms of entertainment: Shows and concerts. They post a seasonal calendar on their official website for those who want to keep up with their latest news.

King’s Island Coupons and Promotional Discount Codes

King’s Island is alive and well in the technological age and they reward online customers by offering Kings Island coupons for those that order tickets online. For ordering online, King’s Island gives you a Kings Island coupon good for $15 off adult regular admission price. To give you an idea of the savings, here is one of the Kings Island coupons available. A two day admission coupon sells for the price of $48.99. At regular admission price, you would pay $48.99 for one day’s admission. That’s a savings of 50% off for those who want to make two days of it instead of just one.

King’s Island turns 38 in 2010 and they’ve recently celebrated the success of their tallest, faster rollercoaster to date. The Diamondback has everyone talking this year, so when you take advantage of the Kings Island coupons, make sure to take your courage with you and try the Diamondback.

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