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History of Jif

Jif Peanut Butter has long been one of America’s top-selling peanut butter brands. Jif has been a favorite of moms for more than 45 years, long standing by its slogan of “Choosy moms choose Jif.” Jif officially became the to-selling peanut butter in 1981. Their fresh-roasted peanut taste is available in several different varieties, including Creamy, Crunchy, Natural, Reduced Fat Creamy or Crunch, Natural, Simply Jif, Jif Peanut Butter and Honey, Jif to Go, and their newest offering: Omega-3 Jif. Introduced in 1991, Simply Jif has less sugar and sodium than regular Jif. In 1995, they added the Reduced Fat product line. The Omega-3 peanut butter provides an excellent source for the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA. It contains 32 milligrams of these nutrients, all with the same great taste as regular Jif peanut butter.

Creamy Jif was first introduced in 1958. The original glass jar label featured a kangaroo with the slogan, “Jif…it’s terr-r-riff!” Jif has held a 30 percent market share since the 1990s. Jif is a product of the renowned Smuckers corporation. For over 100 years, Smuckers has offered quality products to consumers that help their families create special meals. Smuckers is the market leader for fruit spreads, packaged coffee, peanut butter, oils, shortening, ice cream toppings, and many more products. Their brand family includes Smuckers, Jif, Folgers, Crisco, Eagle Brand, Pillsbury, R.W. Knudsen, White Lily, Hungry Jack, and Martha White in the United States. They also own additional brands in Canada. Originally part of the Procter & Gamble lien, Smuckers bought Jif in 2001, teaming the most popular peanut butter with the most popular jelly.

Ways to Find Special Deals and Coupons for Jif Peanut Butter

There are several places that you can find Jif coupons. The coupon section of your local paper often contains Jif coupons, but what if you need more or can’t wait? In that case, check out these great online sources. First, go to Jif’s web site at www.jif.com. Sign up for their mailing list, and you’ll receive special offers, coupons, and recipes. Printable coupons for Jif are not very common, but you can occasionally find one. It’s more common to find tear-off coupons in your store. Promotions are most common around back-to-school season. Typical coupon values are either 55 cents off one jar or $1 off two jars.

Whatever your coupon value, it’s an even better deal if you are able to combine it with a good sale price, especially if your grocery store doubles the coupon’s face value.

Finally, some grocery store chains, such as King Soopers and Kroger, let you download electronic coupons directly to your shopper card. No worries about clipping coupons, losing them, or forgetting to use them. Once the coupon is loaded on your card, if you buy the item before the expiration date, you automatically see the savings.

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