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The hype around Avatar is fueled off some outstanding media results. The Movie has recorded over $2.2 billion dollars in box office receipts as of late December 2009. The movie has already torn through an unprecedented 11 box office records, including the crown of highest grossing movie of all time held by Titanic (another James Cameron film).

The movie Avatar is a visual feast that takes place on the alien planet Pandora, where ruthless entrepreneurs strip the land of its natural resources without regard for lives of the local people or the environment. But the beauty of this film is its stunning 3 dimensional graphics that allow the moviegoer to suspend all reality in this computer generated alien world. To take the experience to even greater heights, a seemingly impossible accomplish feat, considering the seamless visual imagery is to see the movie Avatar in IMAX.

Movies and documentaries filmed in IMAX offer the highest quality visual and audio experience. In fact, IMAX states that moviegoers feel “they are IN the movie”. Supporting the trend, in 1997 IMAX was awarded an Oscar for Scientific and Technical Achievement by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This award recognized IMAX for creating and deploying the best image capture and projection system.

IMAX Experience

The IMAX experience, and it is a sensory experience, is different from a normal movie experience because of IMAX’s unique technology and specialty engineered theaters.

IMAX first debuted in Montreal Canada at EXPO ‘67 as a product of several Canadian filmmakers and entrepreneurs showing off some new 3D capabilities. After great success at the EXPO, the group developed a single powerful projector to be used on a giant screens. Successive improvements brought more opportunities as the new projection system was installed in permanent locations in San Diego, CA and New York City.

Continuing its innovative drive, IMAX developed a new technology that enabled conventional films to be digitally re-mastered into IMAX’s format. This technology brought Hollywood blockbusters to IMAX like Matrix Reloaded and Polar Express, which became the highest grossing digitally remastered film ever. Other films followed, all with great success until Avatar was released and blew everyone out of the water. But the real reason to see a movie like Avatar in IMAX is the perfect visual and powerful audio features.


IMAX achieves this sensational experience with some pretty amazing engineering. The IMAX theaters are designed so that the field of view for the moviegoer is maximized, so there are no bad seats. The screen is massive and runs from floor to ceiling with an average size of 72 feet, the largest in the world is 117 feet in Sydney Australia. A specialized projector displays crystal clear images. The real secret here is that movies are shot on a large format film, capturing more information so 3D images show up with even greater clarity. The sound is specially designed so that the audience can pinpoint the sound, even the screen, which has thousands of tiny perforations is part of the design so the sound will flow freely to the audience. The size and quality of the speakers are custom designed by IMAX so that every movie’s audio is true.

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These IMAX theaters now cover the globe and many commercial multiplex theaters now offer these large IMAX screens with the same high quality audio and visual experience. offers a location finder for IMAX theaters around the world. The site also offers current and new movie offerings along with showtimes. Discount tickets are available at some IMAX theaters for students, seniors, and special events.

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