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History of IHOP

At some point back in 1958, three men decided to build upon their shared vision. This vision was a family type restaurant that would serve some of the finest breakfasts, lunches, as well as dinners and desserts for all who would come and gather around the table. This vision would be known as the International House of Pancakes.

It was not until 1973 that everyone began to hear that official acronym that is so common these days; that is, it was in 1973 that a company began to market the new franchise by referring to it as IHOP. Commercials generally starred actor Cliff Bemus for nearly a decade from the 80s to the 90s and quickly became a fan favorite of this delicious resort.


The International House of Pancakes has an insurmountable amount of locations spread across North America, with its 1,000th restaurant officially opening in 2001. In fact, to date, there are well over 1,400 locations with every single one of them being a popular location – as proven by a research that showed that each International House of Pancakes restaurant averages in a million in sales.

The “Come Hungry, Leave Happy” franchise continues to soar through with its multiple specials throughout the year, 2009 holding the fourth National Pancakes Day. Other such events typically include free pancake weekend and so on.

Find Coupons, Discounts, and Coupon Codes for IHOP

Keep in mind that the International House of Pancakes does not average billions in sales in quantity of restaurants alone. After all, those pancakes do not just pay for themselves. However, in order to soften the blow the wallet may suffer on this monumental journey to the savory dishes of Fresh ‘n’ Fruity or the warm waffles, a couple of websites offer printable International House of Pancakes coupons.

As stated on the official website for the International House of Pancakes, however, the most common and likely way to find coupons is by way of their glossy prints found in the Sunday paper. There are three main websites in particular that generally offer reliable online versions of these coupons such that they may be printed instead of having to purchase an expensive Sunday paper in order to receive it.

Coupons in the Mail

The International House of Pancakes also occasionally will, by way of first class mail, offer offline coupons in order to entice their customers – as if they had to before – to come to their place of comfort and relish in the aroma of flavor. Alternatively, if looking to treat someone else to this special extravaganza, consider getting them a gift card for any dollar amount. This can be done in any restaurant or by visiting the official website with a valid credit card.

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