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The History of Iams

Back in the 30s and 40s, people would feed their pets table scraps or homemade food. In 1946, Paul Iams founded the Iams Company near Dayton, Ohio. He wanted to take a different approach to pet nutrition and in 1950, he developed the first dry dog food to be made from animal based proteins called Iams 999. Throughout the years, he never stopped experimenting and researching new formulas until 1969 when he launched a new formulation called Eukanuba.

In 1973, the cost for meat and bone meal nearly tripled due to the oil embargo, and President Nixon froze wages and prices. Iams wanted to maintain the high quality standards they were known for and did not want to change the formula of their food, and as a result, the company was close to bankruptcy. However, these tough times solidified Iams reputation as a provider of affordable price premium nutrition. After this financial crisis, Paul Iams was reluctant to grow the company further and instead sold it to Clay Mathile in 1975.

The company grew to $900 millions in sales in 1999 and was sold to Procter & Gamble. That year, P&G partnered with the Helen Woodward Animal Center and created the Iams Home 4 the Holidays pet adoption campaign. Since its beginning, the program has facilitated the adoption of 3 millions pets. Allegations of inappropriate treatment of animals in an off-site contractor of P&G rocked the brand in 2002. When these allegations surfaced, P&G and Iams immediately terminated the contract with that research center and in 2005, they opened the Iams Pet Health & Nutrition Center to curb the need for outside research. The company also created the Iams Truth website which include their animal studies policy, animal care videos and animal welfare issues from industry experts.

Find Iams Pet Food Promotional Deals, Discounts and Coupon Codes

You should visit their official website at www.iams.com where you can find information on all of their products, including new products such as the Iams ProActive Health Formulas with PreBiotics to promote healthy digestion in pets. On the bottom right of the page, you can click on the Request Coupons tab, which leads you to the P&G brand Sampler site, where you can sign up to receive P&G coupons for all of their brands. Once you have signed up, you can request to receive by mail a coupon for either Cat or Dog PreBiotics food.

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