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H&R Block History

H&R Block is a company that certainly has an interesting history and strong reputation within the American community for its strong devotion to its customers and reliable, quality service. Back in the early 1940s, a man named Henry Bloch was participating in a class at the Harvard Business School. While he was visiting the Harvard Library, he came across a small leaflet. Inside of this leaflet, there were details that pointed out the trials that the small business owner in America was being confronted with on a daily basis.

This small leaflet’s message inspired Bloch and made him want to help the small businessman to be successful. Henry envisioned an organization that would offer people with numerous kinds of service, such as accounting, temporary employees, collection and management, and even tax management for the small businesses of America.

Henry Bloch accepted $5,000 of borrowed money from his aunt and teamed up with his big brother, Leon Bloch. Together, the two brothers embarked on the journey of making Henry’s dream a reality. In the year of 1946, Henry and Leon started their own business, and they decided to call it the United Business Company.

Located right on Main Street in Kansas City, Missouri, their new organization offered clients with special bookkeeping services. In the beginning, the United Business Company faced various challenges to stay in business, and in order to keep it afloat, Leon decided to go back to law school. On the other hand, Henry was very serious about making his company a strong success. In due course, Henry was able to snag a bookkeeping job at a small hamburger stand. Soon after getting his new job, Bloch’s business began to flourish. It was not too long after this when his other brother, Richard, decided to join the team. As fate would have it, Richard would soon become Henry’s official business partner.

A Turning Point in the Business

Then, in the year of 1955, their business went through yet another change when one of their customers came up with an idea. He suggested to the brothers that they promote tax preparation services in the Kansas City Star, the local newspaper. This would prove to be a major transitional phase for their business. Gradually, larger numbers of people from all around the city started bringing their business matters to the Bloch brothers, and they wanted them to file their tax returns.

After their initial success, the two brothers soon realized it would do their business well to concentrate primarily in offering income tax preparation services to the public. While the company continued to grow, Henry and Richard decided that the name “Bloch” was too hard for their clients to remember, enunciate or spell. Ultimately, this is what lead to the name that the company has today. On January 25th, 1955, Henry and Richard made a decision to change their company’s name to H&R Block.

Find Coupons, Discounts, and Coupon Codes for H&R Block

Today, customers still recognize H&R Block for its amazing service and reasonable rates on tax return filing. You can even get a coupon from their company if you are qualified for their special promotions. From time to time, H&R Block offers promotion coupons to new customers, such as the $20.00 discount coupon. For customers who want to file their taxes online, H&R Block also offers promotional discount codes that can be used to reduce the cost of filing taxes. Currently, Apple Computer employees are eligible to receive a $20.00 coupon when they file for taxes this year. This coupon is valid through April 15th, 2010, and restrictions apply. H&R Block customers will definitely appreciate all the different promotional discounts and offers they provide.

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