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History of HoneyBaked Ham

It was in the mid-1930’s when a man named Harry J. Hoenselaar developed a unique process for curing, cooking and smoking top quality bone in hams. His process began by taking an ordinary bone in ham and marinating it in a secret sauce. Hoenselaar would then slowly smoke each ham individually over hardwood chips. The result was a sweet and crunchy glazed ham that featured a one of a kind taste that anyone who purchased would be proud to serve on their table.

Hoenselaar thought that in order to perfect his hams, he needed to find a way to slice them so that each piece was of perfect proportion while still being attached to the bone. However, Hoenselaar soon realized that there was no machine or device that could accomplish this. So an innovative Harry Hoenselaar constructed a machine using scrap wood, a metal pie pan, an automobile jack, a wooden handled kitchen knife and the motor he had from an old washing machine. It took several years to perfect this machine and to be granted a patent, but he would be recognized for inventing the first prototype of a spiral slicing machine.

In 1957, with only five hundred dollars in his pocket, his signature ham recipe and his patented spiral slicing machine, Harry Hoenselaar opened his first The HoneyBaked Ham Company store in Detroit Michigan. The same store is still operating today.

Second Store Opens

Built on customer satisfaction and word of mouth, The HoneyBaked Ham Company gained popularity. So in 1966, Hoenselaar’s third daughter, Jo Ann and her husband S. George Kurz set out to open the second The HoneyBaked Ham Company store in Parma Ohio.

Through the passage of three generations of Hoenselaars’ and over four hundred stores later, the perspective of the company has not changed. Each ham is prepared individually in the same fashion as the very first one all of those years ago. Although the selections that are available for purchase through the HoneyBaked Ham Company have grown over the years, customers will still get the top quality service and products that they have come to expect from the HoneyBaked Ham Company. Customers can purchase anything from simple gift baskets of fruits and sweets to complete holiday meals that are plenty for large family and friend gathers.

Customers now have the added convenience of purchasing their HoneyBaked Ham Company products online that can be shipped anywhere in the country, as well as in one of the many store locations that are in operation today. This makes it possible to share the savory tastes that are only found at the HoneyBaked Ham Company with family and friends wherever they may live.

How to Get Coupon Codes and Promotional Savings at HoneyBaked Ham

The HoneyBaked Ham Company has made all of their products as affordable as possible so that everyone can enjoy their fine meals and treats. However, if you are planning on visiting one of the many HoneyBaked Ham Company stores, using a printable coupon that you can find online or in your local newspaper will give you a chance to save extra on your purchases. Some online printable coupons can be found in various places.

At the HoneyBaked Ham website you will find printable coupons that you can use either online or print out on your home computer for use at a HoneyBaked Ham Company location. Examples of their coupons are $19.99 for Select Entrees of your choice, including Boneless Ham, Mini Ham, Pot Roast or Turkey Breast.

If you are planning on making an online purchase from the HoneyBaked Ham Company website, there are promotional codes, coupon codes and online deal offers that will definitely come in handy.

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