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Hershey Park History and Information

Opened by Milton Hershey in 1907, Hershey Park was a place where workers from the nearby Hershey Chocolate Factory could relax during breaks from work. Likewise, the park, located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, was a recreational facility for the residents of the town of Hershey and featured playgrounds for the children as well as benches for the adults to read, sit, and talk. Slowly, the park expanded to include quaint amusements like a dance pavilion, miniature railroad, and bandstand. By 1915, Hershey Park opted to build larger attractions, such as the Hershey Park Zoo and a convention hall that was later transformed into the Hershey Park Museum. Over the next 95 years, the park added a sports stadium, now home to the Hershey Bears Hockey Team, an arena for concerts, four swimming pools, and a host of rides in various sizes and styles. In addition to the many attractions, Hershey Park also offers a free tour of its facilities in Hershey’s Chocolate World, which opened in 1973. This particular ride showcases the parks unique style of making and marketing exceptional chocolate, and the tour ride is the epicenter of two of Hershey’s special seasonal events, Hershey Park in the Dark started in 1997 and Christmas Candylane launched in 1983.

Each of these festivities bring a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and provide an enthusiastic sense of community. Hershey Park in the Dark celebrates the festive season of Halloween with scary costumes and haunted houses in conjunction with divine, devilish chocolate. Hershey also hosts Christmas Candylane, the enchanting event held between November and January in which the park opens in the evenings to display an extraordinary array of Christmas lights and decorations. The park opens several rides and food stands and even offers horse-drawn carriage rides and a petting zoo.

The historical Chocolate Town tour ride also remains open and not only gives free candy to patrons, but it also concludes at the entrance of the Hershey’s chocolate store, which sells every decadent, chocolate treat known to man. General admission to the park is free for these events; however guests must pay a nominal, two dollar fee for each game and ride they wish to play or ride. Aside from these special occasions, regular admission tickets to the park can be purchased at the park’s front gate. However, internet companies provide excellent deals so that ticket buyers on a tight budget can still enjoy the park.

Discounts and Coupon Codes for Hershey Park

Hersheypark.com provides discounted tickets that can be printed directly from their website or can be emailed to the customer so that they may print their own copies without the trouble to going to another internet site. Tickets and coupons can also be found on umbrella sites, such as couponmountain.com, which offers discount deals up to forty percent. One can also buy tickets by frequenting supporting companies, such as Giant Food Stores. These grocery stores sell tickets at a twenty percent or more discount and save the patron the hassle of having to wait in long lines to obtain a pass at the entrance gate. The Hershey Corporation also partners with two additional companies each month that the park is open to offer even better prices. For the opening month of April, Hershey Park is coupling with Subway and WaWa to sell even more discounted tickets.

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