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About the Hampton Inn

Hampton Inn Hotels are part of the Hilton family proving the extent of the value you should expect to receive when seeking accommodations at this hotel. There are actually over 1,600 different locations of Hampton Inn hotels throughout the U.S., Canada, and even Latin America. You are given the option between getting a simple single room or you can opt for one of Hampton’s best suites.

Ways to find Hampton Inn Coupons and Discount Codes

There are several coupons and discounts available to take advantage of, as well of HHonors hotel points and airlines earned just for choosing Hilton during your stay. You not only get discounts and great benefits, you are also provided with complimentary services such as the On the House hot breakfast, On the Run Breakfast Bags, hi-speed internet access, 24 hour coffee, and many other benefits. You are guaranteed with a 100% Hampton backed guarantee.

There are several discounts and promotional offers that are offered right from Hampton.com such as a free night certificate after 4 stays or 10 nights, 15% off advanced purchase rate if you book your business stay 14 days or more ahead of time, as well as various government and military employee rates and promotions available at various Hampton Inn hotels throughout the country, Canada, and Latin America.

HHonors Points

When you stay at Hilton family hotels including Hampton Inn or Hampton Inn & Suites, you will earn 10 HHonors points for every dollar deemed eligible that is charged to your room; yes, this does include telephone and room service, rate for stay, or any other charges to your room by the Hampton Inn personnel. Offering a Double Dipping program with HHonors, you are able to choose to earn both HHonors points as well as airline miles during the same stay, instead of just allowing one option. The choices are as follows:

  • 10 HHonors points + 1 airline mile for each eligible dollar
  • 10 HHonors points + 100 miles per stay
  • 10 HHonors points + 5 bonus points per eligible dollar

There is a HHonors VIP group for those higher spenders that tend to stay in Hilton chain hotels quite often, allowing for much better promotions.

Additional Places to Look

You can find Hampton Inn coupons in several places both online and not. There are various publications such as newspapers, magazines, coupon catalogs, and even phone books that are offering these coupons for use; however they are usually to promote the rewards program or offer up to 10% off of a certain term stay. There are also various online coupons, some printable, some coupon codes that can be entered upon booking online. These coupons can be found throughout various websites online, offering various codes for different savings, depending on the overall stay.

You will have the security of knowing that you have a decent accommodation without having to pay too much. The coupons and reward programs accepted through Hampton and various other Hilton family hotels are quite exceptional and the reward program itself offers features no others offer with any other hotel chain in the world. The Hampton Inn coupons you use provide the best savings for the best accommodations, highly rated for years.

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