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History of Hamburger Helper

Hamburger Helper has been providing products for a quick meal since 1971. Listed as one of the top three fad foods from that decade, Hamburger Helper is still a popular staple for busy families. The main product of the company is a line of boxed dinners designed to be added to a pound of ground beef in order to make an entire entree or meal in a single skillet. Some of the most popular flavors of Hamburger Helper include Beef Stroganoff, Lasagna, and Cheeseburger Macaroni.

In the 80s, General Mills added another line of Helpers to the Beef and Tuna varieties already on the market. Chicken Helper quickly passed Tuna helper in popularity, due in part to increasing availability of low-cost, boneless chicken breasts in grocery stores. Popular Chicken Helper flavors include Creamy Chicken and Noodle and Fettuccine Alfredo.

For busy individuals who are trying to make meals at home and on a budget, Hamburger Helper is a great entree choice. Not only can a meal be prepared in as little as twenty minutes, it is also very easy to snag great deals on these General Mills products. Finding and using Hamburger Helper coupons is relatively easy, and takes a lot less work than many coupon searches do. Coupons for these products are common, and when coupled with store savings, shoppers can often buy a box of Helper for less than a dollar. Well-versed coupon users may even score free boxes using Hamburger Helper coupons!

Finding Hamburger Helper Coupons on the Web

The first place shoppers should look for Hamburger Helper Coupons is the Betty Crocker coupon listing. These coupons, which come directly from Betty Crocker and General Mills, are updated often and can include deals for Hamburger Helper. Shoppers should bookmark the site and check before each trip to the grocery store to make sure there are no new coupons to print. If a desired coupon is present, users should always try to print it twice. Most online coupon printers will allow a coupon to be printed two times, so users can double their savings!

Another great place to look for Hamburger Helper coupons online is This site scours the internet on a regular basis and provides a list of dozens of current coupons to be printed. A great way to double up savings on this site is to look for coupons on cans of tuna or chicken as well as Hamburger Helper coupons. The Hamburger Helper coupons can usually be used on any of the boxed Helper products, so those with a coupon for a free can of tuna can get the entire meal for as low as 50 cents!

Hamburger Helper Coupons in the Paper

For those who do not want to print coupons or who have limited internet access, Hamburger Helper coupons can often be found in mail and Sunday paper inserts. Smart Source and Redplum inserts are generally the best bet for these types of coupons. Family magazines may also have an occasional coupon for Helper products. Coupon clippers should always be on the lookout for coupons for their favorite products in any publication.

When using Hamburger Helper coupons, there are some tips and tricks to getting the best possible deal. One of these tricks is to stack manufacturer’s coupons with store coupons. For example, grocery chains like Kroger, Publix or Food Lion often provide their own coupons on the back of receipts or through mail to customers who are part of their savings card programs. These coupons may be for a specific product, or may be for a certain amount off a grocery bill.

If a customer receives a coupon from Publix for $1.00 off three boxes of Hamburger Helper, they may be able to use the coupon along with a coupon from General Mills in order to score additional savings. For example:

  • The customer has printed two coupons from the Betty Crocker site. Each coupon is for 50 cents off a single box
  • The price for Hamburger Helper at the time is $1.75 per box
  • The customer buys 3 boxes for a total of $5.25
  • The customer saves 50 cents on two boxes and $1.00 for buying all three
  • The customer pays $3.25 for three boxes, a savings of $2.00! The end price of the product is a little over one dollar per box

Doubling Up with Store Savings on Hamburger Helper

Although stacking Hamburger Helper coupons can save a great deal of money, an even better way to save money is to couple coupon stacking with store sales. Imagine the same coupon scenario above, but the store in question is Kroger. Additionally, Kroger has put select varieties of Hamburger Helper in its 10 for $10 promotion. The transaction would play out as follows:

  • The customer buys three boxes of Helper for $1 each
  • The customer saves $2.00 total in coupons, as described above.
  • The customer pays $1 for all three boxes, which is less than 50 cents per box!

Those who are willing to do a little bit of research, print Hamburger Helper coupons online, and time purchases with store sales can get an easy-to-make meal for pennies! For those on a budget, these meals may end up costing 50 cents or less per serving, even after the ground beef purchase.

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