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Great Clips is the nation’s largest hair care chain that offers full salon services at value rates. More than 2,700 stores bring great haircuts and other services to people across North America. Originating as a Canadian-based franchise, the first Great Clips officially opened in Minnesota in 1982 and began a franchise operation of its own. David Rubenzer and Steve Lemmon partnered with Ray Barton who believed that the hair care market was evolving from salons, independent barber shops and home cuts into a market serviceable by national chains with convenient, low cost service. To accomplish a consistent quality across all locations, Great Clips established an innovative training program and business procedures that has propelled the chain to remarkable success.

The tremendous growth of the Great Clips brand is due to the availability of hair products, haircuts, perms, shampooing, and other services at convenient locations and affordable prices. Great Clips has extended hours, knowing that traditional salon hours make it difficult for working people to get their hair done. Also, Great Clips operates with no appointments, meaning that when a customer can take any opportunity they have to stop by to get professional salon service. All the stylists at Great Clips are licensed, meaning that you are assured of getting competent service no matter which location cuts your hair. Great Clips is a family oriented salon, meaning that men, women, boys and girls can get fabulous hair care at the nearest Great Clips store.

Great Clips has done a lot to make sure it gives back to the communities that supports its business. Each year it donates a large amount of money to various charity organizations that include Children’s Miracle Network. Great Clips also supports Locks of Love, a charity that provides hair pieces for childhood cancer patients, and a number of other efforts that work to counter domestic abuse, poverty, and child sickness.

Great Clips is also well known for the Nascar race car it sponsors, a Toyota #38 driven by Jason Leffler and Kasey Kahne.

Ways to Find Special Deals, Coupon Codes, and Discounts for Great Clips

Great Clips is always expanding and looking for new and repeat business. Great Clips Hair coupons can be found a number of ways. First, look in your local Val-Pak coupon mailing. This is a way that a lot of Great Clips use to present special offers. The Sunday newspaper is another good place to look. Many Great Clips locations are sending out coupons and specials via text messaging, so you can receive coupons directly on your cell phone. You can also check online coupon sites for Great Clips coupons, but you should probably either call your local shop or show the coupon to them before you get serviced to make sure the coupon is valid at your location.

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