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The General Mills Company began in the 1860’s with two flour mills, and the flour they produced had superior baking properties which transformed the milling industry. The milling company along the Mississippi River bank, built by Cadwallader Washburn in the area that is now Minneapolis, used power from St. Anthony Falls and was one of the foremost milling companies in the world. Later, John Crosby joined Washburn as a partner, and in 1928, the Washburn Crosby Company united with other millers in the region and became General Mills.


General Mills products include a wide variety of cereals, yogurt, cake mixes, snacks, frozen and refrigerated dough, sauces, various mixes and flour. In addition to food, the company markets a wide variety of other products. Among them are Easy Bake Ovens, Monopoly, Nerf balls, Play-Doh and Spirograph, which children have been enjoying for decades.


In 1921, the Washburn Crosby Company, which became General Mills, began receiving questions related to cooking and answered them under the pen name of Betty Crocker. That name has become famous in the food industry with a host of products.

In 1924, the company bought a Minneapolis radio station and some of their programs were Jack Armstrong, The All American Boy, The Lone Ranger and The Betty Crocker Cooking School of the Air.

A health clinician accidently spilled some bran gruel on a hot stove and it formed a crisp flake that tasted great. He took that idea to the Washburn Crosby Company in 1924, and that mishap was the birth of Wheaties cereal.

In 1931, the company introduced Bisquick, an innovative pre-mixed baking mix – the first of its kind to arrive in grocery stores. It continues to be the favorite baking mix in the country.

The Wheaties brand became The Breakfast of Champions and began sponsoring radio broadcasts for baseball games in 1933. In a 1937 contest to determine the most popular Wheaties baseball announcer in the country, Ronald “Dutch” Reagan garnered the most votes and won a trip to California. While there, he took a screen test and became a movie star, and ultimately, a United States President.

In 1949, the company’s 80th birthday celebration included the “Grand National Recipe and Baking Contest”, which proved to be very popular. The competition became the “Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest”, and many of the winning recipes through the years are now classics.

Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Ways to Save at General Mills

General Mills is involved in many rewards programs. Its Box Tops for Education program, which began in 1996, has donated millions to schools in America since that time. Enrolled schools simply collect box tops from select General Mills products and redeem them for funds they can spend in any way they choose. This program allows for participation from the entire community as well as from parents of students. The Box Tops for Education program allows each school to earn as much as $10,000 every year.

The General Mills Parental Involvement in Education Grant program encourages parents to be involved in the school systems by awarding grants to parent groups sponsored by the schools.

You can get coupons and samples in the mail from General Mills by joining their General Mills Psst… Program. The program gives you the opportunity to try new products free of charge. You can receive awesome things like an Italian dinner kit along with a coupon for a free chicken – the makings for a tasty restaurant-style meal.

You can find printable General Mills coupons online at the General Mills site as well as at other internet coupon sites. If you prefer clipping coupons, most Sunday newspapers and many magazines will supply them for you. Since some stores will double them, the savings you realize from coupons could be significant.

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