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One of the best ways to save money on food is taking advantage of special deals, promotions, and coupons. If used correctly, these coupons can be a way to get food for free or nearly free. Although some restaurants offer discounts and coupons, it’s far easier to find coupons for fast food. Fast food companies love to promote their restaurants through mailers, coupons, customer loyalty rewards, and free birthday meals. By signing up for company newsletters, filling out comment cards, and answering customer surveys, you can gather a lot of coupons for discounted or free food at a variety of fast food places.

To start with, everyone should register with any company that gives away free or discounted meals on the customer’s birthday. Moe’s Southwestern Grill will email you a coupon to be redeemed on your birthday for a free burrito, just for joining their newsletter. Red Robin has a birthday club and will reward you with a free hamburger. Cold Stone Creamery and Baskin Robbins both offer you a free ice cream on your birthday as well.

Coupon Codes and Discounts Codes Available

Don’t forget to check the company’s official website for promotional offers as well. Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, and McDonalds all regularly offer coupons for printing from their website. Almost all fast food companies will send you occasional specials and coupons for joining their mailing list. Be on the lookout for websites that offer you discounts for using online ordering. Papa John’s and Pizza Hut are both good examples of this. Many of their restaurants allow you to place orders for delivery or pick-up through their website. Recently Pizza Hut offered a full $5 off of any purchase over $20 placed through the online ordering system. Since this is a relatively new technique, they offer discounts to customers who use it.

Loyalty programs for frequent buyers used to be common, but have fell out of favor due to fraud and the difficulty of processing the transactions. But one way to receive a discounted or free meal for your patronage at a favorite fast food restaurant is to check the back of your receipt. Checker’s and Rally’s both offer free hamburgers if the customer calls a toll free number and answers a short survey about their dining experience. Taco Bell and Burger King offer similar programs, with similar rewards, in many of their restaurants. Most of these offers require a purchase of some kind, but coupons that give completely free food without a qualifying purchase are rare today.

Coupon Acceptance
Another issue is that most fast food places only accepted printed coupons, and these coupon sharing websites have a hard time sharing image or pdf files for printing.
Of course, old coupon finding standbys like Sunday paper inserts and mailers like ValuePak are a great place to check as well. By using coupons to purchase food, it’s possible to cut grocery bills and save money. Fast food places are some of the easiest places to find and use coupons, as it’s one of their main ways of promotion. Coupons that allow for free food without a purchase are rare, but customers can take advantage of fast food “birthday clubs”. Checking the company’s official website for deals and promotions is another great way to find fast food deals.

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