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Established in the South, Fantastic Sams has become more of a national haircut salon. For many people, Fantastic Sams has become the place to get a low cost haircut by qualified people. It started out like so many establishments have. It was a small place that grew with more locations because of its strong operating philosophy and the strength of its marketing. Sam Ross had the original idea when he founded the first Fantastic Sams back in 1974. That haircut salon was founded in Memphis, Tennessee, and it was not too long after that when Ross decided to expand his business by offering franchise opportunities in 1976.

These days, that original one location has grown to more than 1,400 locations strong. Though the expansion has gone well outside just the South, there is still a strong emphasis down there. Many of the available Fantastic Sams coupons are used in areas of Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. Birmingham, Alabama, for example, has seen the most recent expansion. The idea for this company in its franchising has been to allow people to run their businesses the way that they want to run them. The primary company has been able to provide marketing and support for these individual owners, though.

So what are people usually using their Fantastic Sams coupons for? It is absolutely true that Fantastic Sams is not an upscale hair salon, so it does not really go after that segment of the population. Visitors there will not see $100 haircuts like you see in some of the more fancy salons. What they specialize in is providing family haircuts for both kids and adults. The stylists who work at Fantastic Sams do a really nice job of providing these haircuts quickly and efficiently. They do have a reservation business, but a lot of the people who use Fantastic Sams coupons are walk-ins seeking a cut on the run.

The locations are what you might call “full service”, though, so they do provide more than just cuts for people with bigger needs. Some women (and men occasionally) need coloring and some individuals need an advanced cut. This is possible with Fantastic Sams coupons, though the majority of the business that’s conducted there is of the the basic haircut variety at this point in time.

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The primary locations where you will see Fantastic Sams coupons being used are in the South, as mentioned previously. One of the most popular locations still remains in Memphis, where this company is well established and has something of a hold on the population there. Expansion has been steady, though, and it has most certainly gone outside of just Tennessee. Because these locations are franchised, the different owners have the ability to put their own particular spice into the design and the operation of every single Fantastic Sams. This means that new things are always being tried at each and every Fantastic Sams out there.

When looking for Fantastic Sams coupons, you have a couple of different options. It should go without saying that the online avenue is a good one right now. As a company, Fantastic Sams has made a commitment to keeping its service as affordable for people as possible. This is why they will often promote the Fantastic Sams coupons for the different franchise holders. This happens through the primary Fantastic Sams website. Depending upon where you live, you might have different offline Fantastic Sams coupons options, too. Some folks will be able to find them in the local newspaper, while looking in the different available coupon books might be something that works in other areas.

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