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History of Fandango debuted in 2000. The originators of the company were 7 of the nation’s top 10 movie exhibitors. Their idea was to create a hassle-free way to eliminate the customers’ need to stand in long lines just to get movie tickets. Under the Fandango plan, movie-goers could purchase tickets online and then print those tickets out to use at theaters. In addition to freeing customers from the burden of long lines, Fandango’s creators envisioned an online website that allowed visitors to enjoy every detail of their favorite movies. In 2007, Fandango was acquired by Comcast Interactive Media. The site is a resounding tribute to its original mission and in its current form is one of the most entertaining movie websites on the internet.

Fandango Specialties

Fandango’s first goal is to eliminate the unpleasantness of having to wait in line for movie tickets. They offer three different ways to do this. You can purchase tickets to any movie up to 45 days in advance on the website or 72 hours in advance through their phone line. This offer is good for 15,000 different movie screens in the United States.

Fandango’s movie blog will entertain any big screen fan out there. Five bloggers keep visitors up to date on all the latest news on actors, movies, interviews, and more. If reading a blog isn’t for you, they have movie trailers to watch for years. All trailers are HD quality, so you never have to worry about sketchy trailers. Fandango recently began offering a mobile ticket ordering service which is proving to be very successful. The site throws in news, behind the scenes columns, and photo galleries to create what is for you and every other movie lover out there, a virtual heaven to explore.

How to Get Fandango Coupon Codes, Promotional Discounts, and Deals

Fandango coupons are extremely easy to come across. They have a section on their website called “special values” that will lead you to sweepstakes, gift cards, and coupons for neat movie items. They’re currently offering a free song download from the Alice in Wonderful movie. Visa signature users have it really good at Fandango. They get 20% of every $25 they spend at Fandango. Blackberry is a part of the Fandango giving spirit, too. You can get a free Fandango themed Blackberry smartphone. Finally, Fandango coupons are available in the form of their rewards program called Fandango Fanmail. Members who sign up for this club get exclusive offers from Fandango that can include $1 movie tickets, $10 U.S. open tickets, and many more surprise offers from this very generous company.

For businesses, Fandango coupons come in the form of promotional codes. These start at $1 per code and decrease with bulk purchases. These promotional codes can be offered to customers as a reward or incentive for shopping with the business who offers these codes. It’s a nice way to say thanks to a customer and build loyalty. The customer benefits because they get to see a movie for free. If you’re a customer, you can look for Fandango promotional codes might be given out by a sales representative, listed at the bottom of a movie ticket for you to use later, through email, or via text message. Fandango loves to give out promotional codes, so if you live near a Fandango screen, be on the lookout for them in your area.

You can always browse around the internet for Fandango coupons. They’re everywhere. The best place to go to gain access to special savings is, as always, the official website of the business you rely on for the services you love. You can always be sure that offers on the official site are legitimate.

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