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Duncan Hines

History of Duncan Hines

The late Duncan Hines was from Bowling Green, Kentucky, and worked for a Chicago printer as a traveling salesman. He traveled the country at a time when there was no established freeway system, and the only eating places for a traveler to go to, were the local restaurants along the way. Hines ate at many of these places and, after several years, compiled a listing of the places he had eaten in his travels, and gave the listing to his friends.

That list was composed of a few hundred good restaurants in the country, according to Hines, and soon it became quite popular, that he and his wife compiled the list into a paperback book called Adventures in Good Eating. The book came out in 1935 and highlighted the dishes he enjoyed in the restaurants he dined at in his travels through the towns and cities in America. Following on the heels of that first book, Hines published another book covering the subject of recommended lodgings.

The Beginning of Duncan Hines

Duncan Hines, in 1952, produces his first baking product, Duncan Hines bread, and he sold it to Durkee Bakery Company in New York.

The name Duncan Hines became synonymous with quality food, and restaurants that were rated well in his book, were given a distinctive sign stating that the eating place was recommended by Duncan Hines; the sign was displayed in the eating place.

In 1953, Hines was approached by business man, Roy Park who wanted to buy rights to his name on a line of food products he was planning to develop. These would include, cake mixes, packaged foods and ice cream. The business of cake mixes was so successful that Proctor & Gamble bought it out in 1956. Many other products have since been added to the brand which now has a nationwide distribution.

The Duncan Hines product line is currently owned by the Pinnacle Foods Group, which also offers such brands as Van De Kamp’s, Vlasic, Swanson, Log Cabin, Landers, Armour, Aunt Jemima, Hungry-Man, Mrs. Butterworth, Open Pit, Mrs. Paul’s, and Celeste.

Duncan Hines Coupon Codes and Printable Promotional Discounts

Duncan Hines online coupons are available to all who join the bakers club at the company website. Joining is free of charge and you will have to provide a valid email address to receive the membership’s newsletters, recipes and coupons. Also provided is exclusive access to chat in the forum, where tips and baking information will be shared.

The company’s website gives a detailed question and answer write up on the use of the software to print coupons. It enables high-quality coupon printouts that will scan correctly at the supermarket without a hitch. The system keeps tight control on the amount of coupons printed as a way to prevent fraud, as well as to safeguard the manufacturer. The coupon printer software is required to print the coupons. Without the software and membership to the baker’s club, there will be no access to Duncan Hines coupons on the site.

Typical discounts off the Duncan Hines products are $1 off a box of cake mix, and $0.50 off a container of frosting.

Offline, Duncan Hines products are available on sale through the supermarket flyers and also through inserts in the Sunday newspapers, in large chain stores, and in pharmacy flyers. Often it is possible to price match the product and get a discount in the supermarket.

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