Dorney Park Coupons

Dorney Park Coupons

Learn About Dorney Park

Have you ever visited Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania? This amusement park is a great place to bring your family for the day. Actually, Dorney Park is made up of two parks–your typical amusement park and Wild Water Kingdom, a huge water playground. Both are a lot of fun and worth checking out. Admission tickets include both parks so it’s like getting two parks for the price of one. The amusement park section of Dorney includes 9 coasters and over 50 rides. Camp Snoopy is a special area for the little ones that includes play areas, live shows and 11 children’s rides. Wild Water Kingdom has two giant wave pools and two winding rivers, plus 22 water-slide rides. Of course, Wild Water Kingdom also has an area for the little ones, actually three areas…Lollipop Lagoon, Kid’s Cove and the Island Waterworks interactive funhouse.

But, how much is this family day at Dorney Park going to cost you? Granted, going to an amusement park for the day is not a cheap experience. But if you can locate Dorney Park coupons you can save some money. Dorney Park coupons are usually available in a number of places and also online.

Find Dorney Park Coupons, Discounts, and Special Promotions

The first place to check for Dorney Park coupons is your credit union. Credit unions work out deals with parks such as Dorney and often times have incredible deals or coupons for amusement parks. AAA is another place that will have Dorney Park coupons. Check out those travel brochures that you see in places like diners or your local airport. They will often have special discounts or coupons.

Of course you can’t go wrong by visiting the Dorney Park website ( Every year, Dorney Park prints up a new brochure that will give you all the information you need for visiting the park. Last year, Dorney Park had coupons available in different locations during different months. In June you could pick up coupons at Subway and Dunkin Donuts. In July, coupons were available at Burger King and in August, coupons were available at Taco Bell and Wendy’s. The value of the coupon varies by month and day of the week. Obviously, peak vacation times will cost you more than off peak days or times.

While on the Internet, it may be worth your while to type Dorney Park coupons into a search engine and see what comes up. Make sure to double check the dates since some information will be out-of-date. Usually if you search for Dorney Park coupons right before your visit to the park, you will have the best luck locating them.

As with all coupons, it’s important to keep your eyes open and stash away any that may someday be useful. So, in other words, if you see a Dorney Park coupon, take it and save it. You never know when you are going to decide to use it. If you can’t use, you can always pass it on to someone who can. Remember that companies print coupons to promote their business, so use them and start saving today!

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