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About the Dixie Stampede Restaurant

There are a few places remaining in the United States where individuals can still enjoy some good, classic dinner theater. One of those is the Dixie Stampede, which stands as Dolly Parton’s entry into the world of dinner theater entertainment. Those people enjoying Dixie Stampede coupons are able to see one of the most interesting shows out there, while having a nice meal.

Dolly Parton

Country music star Dolly Parton famously founded the Dixie Stampede as a part of her Dollywood empire back in the late 1980s and it has grown to even more popularity in this day and age. The company started out in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where Parton makes her home and where her business empire is headquartered.

The Dixie Stampede is known for offering its patrons a full night of entertainment, from the pre-show entertainment all the way through the actual show. It features horses and talented horse riders, all of whom perform tricks and compete in competitions. The idea is to get the entire crowd involved in the action, so the patrons are split into sides and told to cheer for one team or the other. Though the show is a competition, there is a lot of harmless entertainment thrown in, as well. It is all a production, and each employee plays a role in making sure that things go off smoothly.

Additionally, there is a dinner portion of the evening that you get to partake in as you watch the show. Many people get the Dixie Stampede coupons just so that they can do the dinner part. This makes sense, since the food is actually quite good. They serve a rotisserie chicken and some excellent soup and sides to go along with it. This food selection is not the focus of the theater show, but it certainly ranks high on the list of things that make the Dixie Stampede such a nice thing for all visitors.

Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Ways to Save at Dixie Stampede

When you talk about Dixie Stampede coupons, you have to mention each of the three locations. There is still a location in Pigeon Forge, though it is not as popular as the Myrtle Beach location. In South Carolina, Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist destination, so the Dixie Stampede takes advantage of that. Another popular location is in Branson, Missouri, which stands as one of the most entertaining places in the Midwest. During the summer months, the Myrtle Beach location gets the most visitors, and during the fall, the Pigeon Forge location tops the list.

As far as seasonal celebrations are concerned, the Dixie Stampede is known for its Christmas Celebration. A special Christmas show is performed and that includes even the food servers, who dress like Santa’s elves. Pictures are taken and the entire evening is one exercise in “Christmas in Dixie”. These are some of the most popular shows of the year and many folks get their Dixie Stampede coupons specifically for the purpose of going to see the Christmas spectacular each year.

Online and Offline Coupons

So where do folks get their hands on Dixie Stampede coupons? Online, the options are somewhat limited. Still, if you time things right, you can sometimes find offers on the Dixie Stampede website itself. There, you will find discount cards that can be used in order to attend shows for a reduced price. Many times, these printable Dixie Stampede coupons will allow you to take a child to the show for free when an adult purchases a ticket. Additionally, Dixie Stampede coupons are located in many of the most popular coupon books in the tourist destinations where they are located. This is especially true in Myrtle Beach.

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