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History of Disney World

Under the leadership of Walter Disney in 1959, Walt Disney Productions decided it was time to look for another park to supplement its first park, Disneyland, which had opened four years earlier in Anaheim, California. This was decided because various market surveys that while 75% of the United States population lived east of the Mississippi River, very few would head out to Disneyland, only 2% of the tourists coming from this section of the country.

Four years after deciding to build a second park, Disney head out to Orlando, Florida after requests to build Disney World in Sanford were rejected, due to its citizens fearing the crime that would inevitably come hand in hand with the increased tourism. Upon finding the network of roads, such as Florida’s Turnpike, the planned Interstate 4, as well as the McCoy Air Force Base – which later became the Orlando International Airport – Disney knew at once that he wanted to build the park there.

Using a number of different so called “dummy corporations,” Disney purchased all 27,400 acres of available land in 1964 and 1965. At the time, people were very happy to sell their lands, considering the majority of it was swamp. However, mineral rights would potentially prove to be a problem, as the owner could demand the removal of all buildings in order to obtain minerals. A transfer of ownership rights resolved this problem, though.

In 1965, after the majority of the land had already been purchased by Disney’s dummy corporations, the truth was revealed by way of a leak to the Orlando Sentinel newspaper. During the follow up press conference, Disney explained that the reason for purchase of this land was to build the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, or Epcot.

With the death of Disney in 1966, leaving him to never see his vision through, the plans were drastically changed. Epcot would become Epcot Center, which would be the second theme park for the new resort, opening in 1982, though initial plans would be later implemented as time went on. In the end, Disney World turned out to have four theme parks, two water parks, a very wide variety of shopping and dining, as well as 24 different themed hotels.

Disney World Coupons, Discounts, and Special Savings Offers

Any and all special offers and coupons are always found on the official web page for Disney World. Disney World offers a number of different discounts and deals for different sorts of people.

For example, while Disney is a popular resort throughout the eastern United States, Florida residents in particular get great discounts. Also, families who purchase a five night, six day non-discounted vacation package at selected hotels will receive a gift card worth a whopping $750 that can be used on any of the shopping venues or restaurants throughout the whole of the park. Also, visitors who go to Disney on their birthdays are allowed into the park for free.

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