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History of the Disney Store

The Walt Disney Company started in business as a cartoon studio in the 1920’s. The beginning of Disney merchandising was in 1929. A businessman asked Walt Disney about putting one of the Disney characters, Mickey Mouse, on the covers of children’s writing paper tablets. Disney agreed. Other items with Mickey’s likeness were manufactured shortly after this. The first Disney Store opened in 1987 in Glendale, California. There are over 200 Disney Stores in North America. Stores are also located in Europe, Japan and Hong Kong. The Disney Store also sells items online.

The retail and online Disney Stores sell merchandise with Disney themes. This includes items related to Disney characters such as toys, clothing, movies, music, stuffed animals and collectibles. The stores always have merchandise tied in to the most recently released Disney movie. Movie merchandise is sometimes available before the movie is released. Tickets and passes to the Disney theme parks can also be purchased at the retail Disney Stores. Merchandise sold at the theme parks is available at the online store.

Find Coupons, Discounts, and Special Savings Offers for the Disney Store

Disney Store coupons, special offers and discounts are available for shoppers at the online Disney Store. This site usually has special offers for customers who are registered at the online Disney store. Some offers are good for a limited period of time. Coupon codes that can be used online are available to Disney Vacation Club members,

Disneyland annual pass holders and Disney World annual pass holders. These coupon codes can be found in the members’ newsletters and on the members’ websites. Special sales have been held at the World of Disney store near Disney World for Vacation Club members and annual pass holders. Shoppers at the online Disney Store can sign up to receive e-mails with special offers. The site has daily offers. Discounts on shipping are sometimes available if shoppers spend over a certain amount.

Retail Disney Stores have sales and special offers. Clearance merchandise is sometimes available in the stores. New stores may have special offers and discounts for their openings. The retail stores have offered coupons the day after Thanksgiving and during Thanksgiving weekend.

More Ways to Save

Disney’s Twice Upon A Year sale offers some merchandise at the retail stores and online for up to 70% off the regular prices. One of these sales takes place shortly after the Christmas season. Some Christmas merchandise is available for discounted prices at this sale.

Outlet Disney Stores sell some Disney merchandise at discounts. Disney Character Warehouse stores sell merchandise that comes from the theme park stores. These items are not the most recently released Disney items. The warehouse stores have permanent and temporary locations. Most of the permanent locations are in California and Florida.

A large selection of Disney merchandise is available at retail Disney Stores, outlet Disney Stores and online.

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