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About Dishwashing Liquid

Hand dishwashing detergents (not Automatic) contain water, fragrances, surfactants, dyes and preservatives, and chelating agents (these are water softeners).What are surfactants you ask? They have different chemical properties: foaming power, oil emulsification potential, mildness to skin, chemical compatibilities, active percentage, color and odor.

If you take a small amount of dishwashing liquid and combine it with water, it can be used to produce soap bubbles. Dishwashing liquid was at one time given to children as a substitute for soap as a form of punishment to children. This is not a good idea because drinking dishwashing liquid can lead to serious health problems. If your mother ever washed your mouth out with soap for saying curse words, you would be somewhat familiar with this punishment. Though when I was growing up my Mom used hand soap.

In 1989 dishwashing liquid has was used to treat birds affected by the Exxon Valdez oil spill. They actually used hundreds of cases of Dawn dishwashing liquid to clean up the birds and other animals.

How To Choose your Dish Washing Liquid Detergent

You should choose your dishwashing liquid based mostly on performance. Keep a record of how much is required to get the dishes clean. Some dishwashing liquids will break down more quickly requiring you to use more to get the dishes clean.

Some people may choose their dish washing liquid based on its scent, and there are a lot to choose from. Different scents include fruit smells like apples and oranges, flowers, and other varied scents. Some brands of dishwashing liquids have different colors like orange, blue, red, yellow, or green. Some people want their dish liquid to match with the colors in their kitchen.

There are environmentally friendly dishwashing liquids for people who are environmentally conscious. You can usually find a brand that uses all natural ingredients.
Some people have sensitive hands. You can find a dishwashing liquid that is very gentle on your hands, or just use rubber gloves when washing the dishes.

Here are some different brand name dishwashing liquids.

  • Palmolive
  • Ajax
  • Joy
  • Dawn
  • Clorox
  • Green Works
  • Sun Light
  • Pure + Clear
  • Ivory
  • Jiffy

If you go to the website and click on dishwashing liquids, they have different types of Palmolive dishwashing liquids depending on your needs and desires. Here is what the different selections are:

  • A dishliquid formulated with no unnecessary chemicals
  • A dishliquid that easily breaks down tough grease
  • A dishliquid that eliminates germs and bacteria
  • A dishliquid that is formulated for sensitive skin
  • A dishliquid that eliminates strong cooking odors
  • A dishliquid that smells great
  • A dishliquid that is tough on grease and mild on hands
  • A dishliquid that removes unseen food residue

How to Find Discounts, Promotional Deals, and Coupon Codes for Dishwashing Liquid

At this same website, if you click on the “special offers” tab at the top of the page you can join their club called “Smile talk”, and receive dishwashing liquid coupons and other coupons. There is no charge to become a member, you just sign up by entering your E-Mail address and they will send you dishwashing liquid coupons to your email. When you receive the coupons in your email, print them out and bring them to the store to receive great savings on your dishwashing liquid.

You will be able to find dishwashing coupons just about anywhere. Your local newspapers will have inserts in them that you can look through and cut out dishwashing coupons. When you go to your local grocery store, pick up their store circular and look through it for money saving dishwashing coupons.

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