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History of the Creation Museum

On May 28, 2007, the Creation Museum opened in Petersburg, Kentucky to a curious and excited public. The museum was hoping that they could attract at least a quarter of a million paying visitors in its first year, but to their amazement, in just five months and five days they reached their goal! And they reached the half million visitor mark when they had been open only nine months!

The museum is said to have cost about $27 million. It is a privately funded project through donations to the apologetics ministry “Answers in Genesis.” The Creation Museum takes a literal approach to the creation account found in the book of Genesis in the bible, which says the earth was created in six days. They believe that the age of the earth is 6,000 years old, and that man at one time existed right alongside with the dinosaurs. They even have an exhibit that shows dinosaurs walking up the plank into Noah’s Ark.

The museum has 160 exhibits, and is located on 49 acres of land. The museum’s mission statement is to “exalt Jesus Christ as Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer.” and to “equip all Christians to better evangelize the lost,” and to “challenge visitors to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.”

The Creation Museum has a large movie screen which shows a history of the earth. They also have a 78 seat planetarium showing creationist cosmologies and a 200 seat theater that has special effects including seats that vibrate and jets that spray the visitors with a water mist.

A large portion of the displays are about the Great Flood that occurred in the book of Genesis, chapters 6-9. The theme of these displays is to present a vastly different world before the flood as what we know to be after the flood. The Great Flood is shown to have produced most of the fossils, canyons, continents, and sedimentary strata that we see today.

Children are sure to enjoy the Creation Museum’s Petting Zoo. There are also two Cafes, the “Lakeside Grill” and Noah’s Cafe”, along with a bookstore called “The Dragon Hall Bookstore”, for your enjoyment.

If you need spiritual guidance there is a chaplain on staff for all visitors. The headquarters for “Answers in Genesis” is attached to the Creation Museum and employs about 140 people. The Creation Museum employs around 160 people.

Ways to Get Coupon Codes, Deals, and Promotional Discounts on the Creation Museum

A good place to find Creation Museum coupons would be in a local store in Petersburg, Kentucky. I suggest that you buy a Sunday paper, they usually have the most inserts and coupons.

All children five and under are admitted free, and all Active-Duty Military, Police, and Firefighters are also admitted free of charge. Their dependents receive 50% off, as long as they are able to show proper ID.

Another way to receive a discount for admission would be to come in a group that is at least 15 or more. You will receive about a 25% discount on admission with a group rate. Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. Also, a fifty dollar deposit is due at the time of reservation. This deposit is refundable or transferable to another date and time if done with a 48 hours notice of cancellation. Full payment is due upon arrival as one transaction.

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