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Dr. George Bunting, who began marketing a sunburn remedy in a small blue jar, founded the Noxzema Chemical Company in 1920. The product was Noxzema, containing camphor, menthol and eucalyptus as the main ingredients. It was based on a formula devised by Dr. Francis J. Townsend, a physician living in Ocean City, Maryland. He later gave the formula to Dr. Bunting who turned it into a household name by the 1940‘s. Noxzema was the go to product for decades as a facial cleanser and cosmetic remover as well as for cleaning sunburned, chapped or irritated skin.

In the 1950’s Noxzema branched out into other personal care products. It was the late 1950’s when the concept of Cover Girl Cosmetics was developed using the medicinal ingredients as a base for the makeup line. Cosmetics had made a roaring comeback since the 1920’s after still photography and movies had highlighted the flawless complexions of actresses and celebrities. Cover Girl Cosmetics was the first cosmetic line geared for the teenage girl and the first to be marketed in grocery stores.

Equally important was the advertising campaign developed for Cover Girl Cosmetics. The new line was to be promoted by allowing “cover girls” to wear its product line. Jennifer O’Neill was the first spokesperson for Cover Girl and her thirty-year stint in that capacity is still unparalleled. Cybil Shepherd became the face of Cover Girl when the perception of beauty shifted to the All-American, blond hair and blue eyed beauty.

However, in later years, Cover Girl expanded its market base by featuring beautiful women of all races. Some of the cover girls to promote Cover Girl’s Easy, Breezy line have included Queen Latifah, Faith Hill, Tyra Banks, Drew Barrymore and Rihanna. It is the primary sponsor of “America’s Next Top Model”, a reality television show hosted by Tyra Banks.

In 1966, the Noxzema Chemical Company changed its name to the Noxell Corporation and housed its headquarters in a Baltimore suburb of Maryland called Hunt Valley. Proctor & Gamble bought out the company in 1989 and the original Noxell building is still used as the cosmetic division of Proctor & Gamble.

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One source for Cover Girl Cosmetic coupons is Proctor & Gamble’s website. Cover Girl Cosmetics may be bundled in with other Proctor & Gamble products. They provide coupons, product coupon books, bundled coupons, daily newsletters and free samples of their products as well.

Nevertheless, the best place to visit is the Proctor & Gamble’s website exclusively for Cover Girl Cosmetics. Besides being a great place for coupons and promotions, they also offer the CG text club with freebies and makeup tips, contests and an online makeup expert. It is an interactive site with a live beauty chat and a place to store all of your own personal makeup data.

Coupons can also be found directly on Cover Girl products in stores such as Target, Walmart and other retailers. Some of the coupons are for as much as $3.00 off and can be applied to any of the Cover Girl Cosmetics products with the exception of Nailslicks. With so many of their products in the five dollar to ten dollar range, it is a great bargain.

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