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Fantastic Sams History

There are over 1300 Fantastic Sams hair salons in North America waiting to give you a simple trim or the texture, highlights and color that will make you look gorgeous. Fantastic Sams is dedicated to providing guests with the right style for them, with high quality products and service all at a price that is fantastic. Sam Ross began this dream in 1974 in Memphis, Tennessee. Franchises were in demand by 1976 and the rest, as we say, is history. Quality hair care can be very expensive, especially personal styling, but Fantastic Sams believes everyone deserves to look their best and provides all the top services at discount prices.

Find Special Discounts and Coupon Codes for Fantastic Sams

Part of Fantastic Sam’s effort to let everyone look their best is to make coupons available for even further discounts. Each Fantastic Sams salon offers printable coupons on their websites, for their customers. has an eNewsletter that will inform you about specials on coloring, cuts, styling or when any of their products are on sale that also includes coupons for reduced prices. You can go to and sign up to receive the eNewsletter and help out your friends and family who may not realize how much better they can look.

Coupons may change for several reasons including a simple expiration date or if the salon decides not to accept it due to errors. Sometimes coupons change without notice. When you research online for these great deals, be sure to read the details and call the salon offering the coupon to make sure it is still valid. Different salons all over the country have special offers. You can go to, type in your zip code and see what products and services are being offered at a discount near you.

Huge discounts are available, in printable coupons, including $15 off any $60 color service. This is your chance to get the look you really want, including highlights and lowlights, to look like the real you. Valuable discount coupons also come in the mail and newspapers. It may be junk mail to some, but to you it contains a big discount coupon for cuts, color and styling at Fantastic Sams. Look closely before you through it in the trash. Remember, these discount coupons are also for Fantastic Sams own professional quality hair care products. This high quality is usually very expensive in department stores and designer shops. With these coupons, you can stay within your budget and have the quality you deserve.

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