Coke Coupons

Coke Coupons

History of Coke

On May 8, 1886, a pharmacist in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. John Stith Pemberton, created a new syrup and took a jug of it to Jacob’s Pharmacy where they sold it as a soda fountain drink for five cents a glass. With the addition of carbonated water, they produced a delicious and refreshing drink but only sold an average of nine drinks each day during the first year.

Not recognizing the possibilities of the new beverage, Dr. Pemberton occasionally sold shares of the business to some of his partners. Shortly before his death in l888, he sold the rest of his interest to Asa G. Candler, who continued to buy additional rights until he gained complete control of the Coca-Cola Company. Along with four associates, Candler created The Coca-Cola Company Corporation in Georgia in 1892 and the next year registered the trademark “Coca-Cola” in the United States Patent Office.

Candler believed in advertising and distributed thousands of coupons for a free glass of Coca-Cola. He circulated countless promotional products with the Coca-Cola trademark on them as an advertising strategy.

The Business Grows

The business expanded rapidly, and in 1894, a Coca-Cola syrup manufacturing plant opened in Dallas, Texas, followed by plants in Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California the next year.

The company’s facilities soon became too small so they constructed a new three-story building to produce the syrup and manage the business. Candler said the building would be adequate to meet their needs forever. In just over ten years, the company outgrew that building too.

Bottling Coca-Cola

In 1894, a Vicksburg, Mississippi soda fountain owner, Joseph A. Biedenharn, sold so much Coca-Cola at his fountain that he got the idea to set up bottling machinery in the back of his store. He was the first Coca-Cola bottler and sold cases of the soda to lumber camps and farms along the Mississippi River.

In 1985, when the company developed a new taste for Coke – the first change in the secret formula since its creation in 1886 – many consumers preferred the new taste. However, so many people did not want to give up the memories and nostalgia of the original Coke that the company brought it back as Coca-Cola classic.

Coke Today

More than 200 countries around the world sell Coca-Cola products, and the company offers over 3,000 beverages. The variety of beverages includes regular and diet sodas, fruit juices and drinks, energy and sports drinks, coffees and teas, milk and soy beverages, and waters.

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There are numerous websites offering coupons for various items including Coca-Cola products. If you name Coke in your online search, you will find the sites that feature Coke coupons. Most of the sites require registration, but there is no charge to become a member and qualify for the coupons. Grocery store advertisement flyers often offer Coke coupons – buy three cartons of Coke and get one free is a popular coupon that appears regularly. Sunday newspapers and magazines usually contain coupons for foods and beverages like Coke. You do not always have to pay full price to enjoy a delicious and refreshing Coke.

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