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Coca Cola History

In 1886, in Atlanta, Georgia, a pharmacist by the name of Dr. John Stith Pemberton, created the syrup that later became known as Coca-Cola. He took it for sampling to a local pharmacy. It was an immediate hit, was declared a new soda fountain drink and sold for five cents per glass. Carbonated water was soon added to the syrup and produced a refreshing drink.

During its first year the drink only sold about nine drinks every day. Dr. Pemberton never got to realize the full potential of the product he created, and he sold parts of the business to different business men, and a little before he died in 1888, the remaining interest was bought be Asa G, Candler. He was a shrewd businessman and he immediately started to purchase the other interests in the business until he acquired full control of the company.

In 1893, the trademark of Coca-Cola was registered, and the first syrup plant, not in Atlanta was started in Dallas, Texas in 1894. Others soon after opened in other states. In the following twenty years, 1,000 plants were opened and operating. The bottling system of Coca-Cola is one of the most widespread distribution and production networks across the world. “Coca-Cola”, was trademarked in 1893, “Coke” in 1945, and the unique hobble-skirt bottle was trademarked in 1977.

Future Growth

Ernest Woodruff bought the company in 1919 for $25 million and it was later made into a public company. He expanded the company into overseas markets, and today Coca-Cola is a well-established product in every part of the world.

The company further went on to establish an enduring relationship with Olympic games event which continues to this day. That relationship began in 1928, when the Olympic games received, not just the US Olympic team, but also one thousand cases of the popular drink. The audience was treated for the first time, to the first Olympic flame lighting and also the first introduction of coke to the games. The drink was present everywhere, and the trademark could be seen on caps and coats, refreshment stands, and restaurants. Coke’s relationship with the Olympic continues to this day.

Discounts, Coupons, and Promotional Savings for Coca Cola

Discount coupons for the drink are available from the company’s website. The coupon codes are available for the purchase of the drinks at online locations. Discount coupons are regularly listed for many Coke products, and these can be easily printed to a home printer. There is a mailing list opt-in to receive notification of promotions and additional coupon codes.

There are websites for grocery coupons that can be accessed for free Coca-Cola printable coupons. Searching for “Coke coupons” of “soft drink coupons” will return results that can then be printed and used at the supermarket cash registers.

Coupons are also available from offline sources such as the coupon inserts of the Sunday papers. Coupon inserts are also found in the circulars of drug stores, large chain stores, and grocery stores.

Coupons can vary in their discounts. Typical savings may be $0.50 off 1 Coke single serve, or $0.55 off 20 ounce bottle Zero Coke.

A special marketing campaign known as My Coke Rewards was started in 2006, and 1 million dollars in prizes were awarded in just the first few months.

This campaign fosters customer loyalty, as consumers of the product will register for the program online, and then enter the codes they find on specially selected and marked Coca-Cola products. The cell phone can also be used to enter the codes through texting. Once entered the codes generate points which are used to claim prizes or can be used to be entered in sweepstakes.

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