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Clairol Hair History

In 1931, Larry Gelb went to Europe with his wife in the hopes of finding a new product to market in the United States. During this trip, he examined and tested numerous fragrances and cosmetic products, but only one captured his interest: a hair coloring product called Clairol. In those days, hair coloring products only coated the hair shaft, and this is where Clairol differed: it penetrated the hair shaft, therefore the color produced was more natural, softer, and longer lasting.

Mrs Gelb immediately saw the potential of this product for the United States market. After studying the product in-dept, they brought it back to America and held demonstrations for beauty salon workers and clients. The hairdressers immediately endorsed the product and the Gelbs started the Clairol company. In the following years, Mr Gelb, a chemist by trade, worked on improving the product. Hair coloring with Clairol was a 5-step process.

He thought that if he could simplify the process from five steps to one, more hair dressers would be willing to offer the product and more women would be eager to try it. In 1950, after years of testing and research, Mr Gelb launched the Miss Clairol Hair Color Bath, a one step, 20 minutes hair coloring system. The product was so popular that sales went up by 500%. Mr and Mrs Gelb began traveling around the country, hosting demonstrations for hairdressers and the press everywhere.

Commitment to Hairdressers

As the sales grew, Clairol’s commitment to the salons and the hairdressers never wavered. They published countless instruction manuals that were distributed to salons free of charge. In 1956, Clairol launched a new version of Miss Clairol that was made to be used at home. In 1957, the company was sold to Bristol-Myers. By 1962, 70% of adult women colored their hair. Clairol launched Nice ‘n Easy, the first hair color shampoo, in 1965. In 2001, Procter & Gamble acquired the Clairol division from Bistol-Myers.

Clairol Today

Today, the Clairol division offers several different brands: Nice’n Easy with 56 shades, Nice’n Easy Gray Solution with 12 shades, Nice’n Easy Root Touch-up, Perfect 10 with 10 shades, Natural Instincts with 54 shades, Natural Instincts for Men with 9 shades, Nice’n Easy Frost & Tip and Hairpainting highlighters, and they also offer the new Colorseal Conditioner.

Find Coupons, Discounts, and Coupon Codes for Clairol Hair Products

To find Clairol hair color coupons, the first place to look is the official Clairol website. On the bottom, click on the Special Offer tab. It brings you to, where you can sign up for the Rouge magazine. This Clairol and P&G publication features 3 pages of new coupons in every issue. The coupons I have seen in this magazine in the past included $2 off Natural Instincts, $5 off of two boxes of Nice’n Easy. They usually issue the best value coupons here. Also, by completing the registration, you are instantly entered for a chance to win a year’s worth of Clairol hair color products.

Another good place to look for coupons is on the P&G everyday solutions website. Sign up for their monthly newsletter and they will send you coupons and samples of P&G products, including some Clairol offers.

The Coupons Clippers website offers several coupons for Clairol products: $1 off of one box of either Clairol Natural Instincts or Clairol Loving Care, $5 off of two boxes of either Clairol Natural Instincts or Clairol Loving Care, and $5 off of one box of Clairol Perfect 10. You can find these coupons at

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