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The City Museum in St. Louis, MO is a recognized and popular attraction for both tourists and locals alike. The City Museum is located in old warehouse space and the exhibits consist largely of industrial artifacts that have been creatively reused in entertaining and educational ways. The City Museum has won many accolades and awards and is highly regarded as a unique attraction on the national level.

One of the most popular exhibits at the City Museum is the Enchanted Caves, a network of caves built within the tunnels of a conveyor system of the historic shoe factory. A variety of fantastic creatures and artifacts greet visitors at every turn of the tunnels. Another popular attraction is Art City, where visitors can create their own unique works of art or watch renowned artists work and create stunning pieces of art. There is a large collection of art and architecture pieces at the City Museum. For music lovers, there is is 1924 fully restored and working Wurlitzer pipe organ.

Outdoors, the MonstroCity is quite an exhibit. It is a sort of cross between aircraft fuselages, a castle, and giant slinkies that is interactive. Adults can go in an over sized ball pit filled with dodge balls and pretend to be kids again. There is also a Baby Ball Pit indoors to complete the wide selection of ball pits at City Museum.

Kids won’t feel left out of the action, however. City Museum is always popular with children of all ages. There is a Toddler Town, complete with ball pits, tunnels, and building blocks. Another popular exhibit with the children is the Tiny Train Town Model Railroad. Its network of miniature train tracks is sure to delight young and old alike.

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The official City Museum website is the best place to find coupons, discounts and specials for visits to the City Museum. The website contains information on facility rentals, group programs, educational tours, and special events, as well as up to date hours and other information. City Museum is open to everyone and accessible by all. In addition to discounts for schools, City Museum offers discounts for groups like Scouts and others. Detailed information about the exhibits at City Museum can also be found on the official City Museum website.

The City Museum even has an aquarium featuring all manner of aquatic animals and plants, and is sure to be a hit with children especially. Visitors can pet stingrays or walk through an underwater tunnel while sharks swim above with all manner of other fish and sea life. Another animal themed exhibit is the Circus Harmony, featuring a variety of circus themed entertainment and fare.

There are a variety of food options for visitors to the City Museum, such as Samwiches, which offers a variety of freshly made sandwiches, and Baby Elephant Cafe, a casual stop for a refreshing coffee, soft drink, or snack.

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