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Cinemark Coupons Help You Enjoy Your Movie Experience

When you are looking for a fun night out, nothing beats a movie. A long time ago, this was a rather inexpensive way to spend an evening. With the cost of movie tickets skyrocketing, you might be thinking twice about going to the movies. But there are ways to save on those movie tickets. Let’s take a look at the Cinemark Movie Theater. It’s one of the most popular movie theater companies in the United States. They have a total of 296 theaters with 3,842 screens in 39 states. Since they are so large, it’s rather easy to find ways to discount your movie experience.

Where to Find Cinemark Coupons, Discount Codes, and Deals

Your best bet to save money at the theater is to locate Cinemark coupons. Usually these coupons will save you a certain dollar amount off your ticket price. Adult ticket prices can go as high as $10 per ticket, but if you have a coupon, you can get in for under $6. Of course, the ticket price depends on the individual coupon, so it helps to shop around.

One place where you can find Cinemark coupons is in the Entertainment Book. This book is usually sold as a fundraiser for a charity or in certain stores. You can also buy an Entertainment Book on the Internet. This book has Cinemark movie theater coupons that allow you to buy a ticket for $5.50. They also usually have coupons for snack items at the theater.

Another place you can look for Cinemark coupons is the Yellow Pages of your phone book. Depending upon where you live, there may be some available. This one is a bit of a long shot, but you never know where a good coupon is hiding.

A good place to get Cinemark movie tickets at a discount is your credit union. Cinemark offers discounts on tickets if you purchase 50 or more. So, as a service to you, your credit union will buy a large quantity and then re-sell them to you at the discounted price. They also sell discounted snack vouchers in this same method.

Once you get into the movie, the high cost of snacks can be prohibitive. This is where your coupon searching should pay off. Start at the official Cinemark website. Click on Contests and Offers and you will get a list of what is currently happening at your Cinemark Theater. For instance, Cinemark is selling a refillable popcorn tub for $6.00. Refills using this tub are only $3.00. You can bring this tub back to the theater and save again and again. Good to know, right?

Cinemark Website

While you are at the Cinemark website, take a look around. Cinemark does a good job of making it easy for you to find what you need. From their website, you can find the closest Cinemark Theater, the times and costs of all movies currently playing and information about future movie showings. You should bookmark this site because you will want to return to it often. You can also purchase your movie tickets in advance from the Cinemark website.

An Internet search will turn up Cinemark coupons, although more often for snacks than for ticket price reduction. A recent search turned up $1.00 off coupons on various items at the snack bar including popcorn and hot dogs.

When it comes to saving money, every little bit helps. Cinemark coupons are worth the effort and seeing a movie in a real theater is an irreplaceable activity. Enjoy a movie today!

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