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History of Chick Fil A

Chick Fil A is a fast food restaurant that has operated in America for many years now, and it has developed into a very major influence within the nation’s food industry. It has become especially important to the food industry’s chicken farmers, being the second most popular chicken fast food restaurant in America. While the restaurant initially acquired its popularity as a chain store throughout America’s shopping malls, Chick Fil A has been able to grow and expand to the point where it now has many freestanding centers available to the public.

In the beginning, the first Chick Fil A restaurant was not called Chick Fil A at all. It was actually known as the Dwarf Grill. The Dwarf Grill was opened in 1946 by a woman named S. Truett Cathy, who still presides as the company’s chairman to this very day. The Dwarf Grill was your typical American diner (so it seemed), and it was located next to a (now permanently closed) Ford factory. Back in the mid-forties, the factory workers would stop in at the Dwarf Grill during breaks to slake their thirst and eat their fill. There were other restaurants in the area as well, but people preferred the Dwarf Grill over any other establishment because of its convenience, its tasty meals and their great prices.

A Growing Company

As the restaurant’s popularity continued to grow, S. Truett Cathy decided it was time to take an even greater step by building up her restaurant and making it into a chain franchise. She had the name changed from The Dwarf Grill to the Dwarf House, which is a title that the Chick Fil A company still accepts and uses from time to time. The first official Chick Fil A restaurant was opened back in 1967 as a small restaurant at the Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta, Georgia. Chick Fil A mainly kept its popularity throughout the southern states, but over the years, it has expanded its business and now has well over eight hundred freestanding restaurant units located throughout the entire United States.

Ways to Save at Chick Fil A and Get Coupon Codes Online

Chick Fil A is most famous for its delicious chicken burgers, but the company also gained a considerable amount of recognition for some great promotional deals and discounts they launched back in 2003. Their promotion centered on the grand opening of a Chick Fil A in Arizona, and it was highly promoted on the Internet.

They had a deal in which the first hundred customers were awarded with coupons for free combo meals. However, it went above and beyond your average coupon; this coupon was valid for an entire year, and you could use it as often as you wanted until that year was up. This was a major plus for the Chick Fil A corporation, one that is still widely discussed even today. The good news is, even though their amazing deal from 2003 has long since expired, you can still get a great deal on Chick Fil A’s menu items.

More Ways to Obtain Discounts and Printable Coupons

There are several different ways to receive coupons from Chick Fil A. One method involves signing up on the official company website ( to become a Chick Fil A Insider. Insiders receive special e-mail newsletters, promotions and deals in their inbox. From time to time, subscribers will be sent an exclusive Chick Fil A coupon to print out and use for the next time they go out to eat. An additional way to attain a coupon from Chick Fil A will require your subscription to their mobile news service via text message, and signing up is free. Be sure that you subscribe – you won’t regret it!

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