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All About Canobie Lake Park

If you’ve lived in the Boston area, you are probably familiar with Canobie Lake Park. Canobie Lake Park is a famous regional amusement park that has been in operation for over one hundred years near Salem, New Hampshire.

Canobie Lake Park is most famous for its wide variety of popular rides. The most recognized and popular ride at Canobie Lake Park is the Yankee Cannonball roller coaster, a traditional wooden roller coaster that is fun for the whole family. For thrill seekers who don’t feel a roller coaster is a real thrill ride without going upside down, Canobie Lake Park offers a corkscrew type roller coaster called the Canobie Corkscrew. It is canary yellow and takes riders upside down at two different points on its track.

Roller coasters aren’t the only exciting rides at Canobie Lake Park. The Starblaster shoots riders up to the top of a tower at a high rate of speed and then lowers them back down. There is also a Pirate Ship ride for adult thrill seekers. Pirate Ship rides are often considered even more intense than roller coasters, because they invert riders many times at a high rate of speed and often hang them upside down for long moments of sheer excitement. Some of the loudest screams heard in a theme park come from Pirate Ship riders.

For kids and riders seeking a more mellow thrill, Canobie Lake Park does not disappoint. DaVinci’s Dream is a flying chair ride that suspends riders in the air while twirling them around a tower. It is a fun and elegant ride that is fun for the whole family. For those who don’t mind getting their hair wet, there is a flume log ride called Boston Tea Party. Canobie Lake Park is also adding an educational activity program for children in 2010.

Another popular thing to do at Canobie Lake Park is play games, both video games and traditional carnival games. The amusement park offers a wide variety of traditional Midway games, such as skeeball, guessing games, and a wooden nickel arcade. It also has three large video game arcades with the latest in digital entertainment.

Ways to Find Special Deals, Coupon Codes, and Discounts for Canobie Lake Park

Canobie Lake Park offers many coupons, incentives and packages throughout the season. Season passes are available for frequent park visitors and there are many specials available for groups, whether families, businesses or schools. The most comprehensive and up to date information on coupons, specials and discounts on Canobie Lake Park rides, events and visits is to be found on the official Canobie Lake Park website. Users can find a description of rides, information on tours and packages, a guide to the food at Canobie Lake Park and other valuable information.

Canobie Lake Park has food for every culinary taste. From sit down dining to traditional amusement park food like hot dogs with the toppings piled high, Canobie Lake Park doesn’t disappoint when it comes to refreshments. Some of the many food options at the park include Poncho Cantina and Minuteman Fried Clams, a popular New England treat.

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