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Busch Gardens is a company that started many years ago, and it has undergone some serious adjustments through the decades. There have been Busch Gardens locations open in the United States going back as far as 1905, but the two currently standing locations have only been around since 1959 and 1975 respectively. These are amusement parks that seek to provide high quality entertainment for people, and they were both recently sold to a company called Blackstone, which controls their operation and expansion. The parks have been run by the same entertainment company that ran SeaWorld, which accounts for some of the similarities that exist between them.

There are two Busch Gardens currently running, and there is another one planned for the very near future. The two locations are in Tampa, Florida and Williamsburg, Virginia. The planned property is in Dubai, and is a part of a larger American expansion in that city. Right now, the Williamsburg location is the most popular in the United States. It attracts visitors from all over the Southeast and it provides entertainment for the already busy tourist industry in the Jamestown/Williamsburg area. Individuals can use Busch Gardens coupons to take advantage of some of the new rides there, as the park is always being updated.

The Tampa location is also popular, but it has much more competition in Tampa. What this does mean is that sometimes, Busch Gardens coupons are more readily available in Tampa for people who want to go to the park at a significant discount. The quality of the two parks is mostly the same, whether you are visiting Virginia or vacationing down in Florida. The most significant difference is that the Williamsburg location has the Griffon roller coaster, which currently stands as the tallest coaster of its kind in the entire world.

Amusement Rides

These amusement parks are known for their wild roller coasters and for their thrill rides in general. While some amusement parks are more family friendly and aimed at children, the Busch Gardens parks are for people who are serious about fun. That means that you can expect many more rides suited for young adults when you use your Busch Gardens coupons at one of the two locations. That is not to say that the parks lack the traditional rides for young kids. It is just to point out that they do not focus on those things nearly as much as the larger, more thrilling rides.

Discounts, Coupons, and Promotional Savings for Busch Gardens

There are many different times throughout the year when people can use Busch Gardens coupons to take advantage of seasonal celebrations. Along with the whole town of Williamsburg, Busch Gardens there does a Christmas celebration. It is known as Christmastown, and features a host of different shows, in addition to the standard Christmas-themed rides that are so popular at amusement parks around the country. Additionally, the parks are known to feature many different shows and concerts throughout the summer, as this is easily the most popular time to visit the parks in general.

Finding Busch Gardens coupons depends upon when you want to go and which location you choose. During the summer, these Busch Gardens coupons are much harder to come by. If you are looking for these things during the winter or some of the colder months, you will have more success. The official Busch Gardens website is the place to start, but looking offline can also be profitable. You may want to consider the free, published visitors attraction guides that are available in both Tampa and in Williamsburg. Busch Gardens is known for putting discount offers in these magazines to bring customers in.

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