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Build-a-bear History

Maxine Clark founded the Build-a-bear workshop. The idea to create a customizable teddy bear shop can be traced back to a childhood shopping trip Maxine took with her 10 year old friend Katie. As the girls searched for the perfect stuffed animal, they found that one was nowhere to be found. According to Katie, stuffed animals were so simple they could make them. The Build-a-Bear workshop wasn’t born on the spot or even a few years later, but the dream of being able to create her own stuffed animal stuck with Maxine. Adults thought she was dreaming, but kids who heard it wanted to know where they could find that workshop right away. It wasn’t until 1997 that Build-a-Bear opened for business that kids could finally create the teddy bear of their dreams. It was a Build-a-Bear coupon straight to the land of unbelievable fun.

Build-a-bear Specialties

Build-a-bear is a specialty store all to itself. The whole store and concept is special. The store gives kids a cute teddy bear, but the bright colors of the stores and the fun atmosphere and construction all around make this one of those places that is much amusement park as it is store.

For the last thirteen years, Build-A-Bear has helped children have fun creating a favorite toy. This isn’t just a few customizations and buttons to press. The children are able to pick a toy and from scratch help bring it to life. Children select a toy from over 30 different selections. The specialty of Build-a-bear is to take the stuffed animal buying experiencing beyond the selection and into a whole new realm of fun that doesn’t usually come with shopping trips. The children can record a message of their own, or select from pre-recorded messages and songs, to bring their bear to life whenever it’s hugged. The recording becomes a part of the bear and whenever a child gives it a hug. Kids don’t just push buttons. They actually help stuff the bear they choose. Kids also get to help with the stitching and fluffing processes. Children name the bear and receive a birth certificate just before they get to dress it for further good times. Build-a-Bear isn’t just bears anymore either. There are many animals to select from today.

Build-a-bear Seasonal Celebrations

There is no store that celebrates the seasons quite like Build-a-Bear. They give you special holiday bears to customize year-round. They have St. Patrick’s day bears, wedding bears, Mother’s day bears, father’s day bears, and more.

Build-a-bear is available every season for any kind of celebration you might want to organize for kids. Their build-a-party service lets you create a party for your child that will be memorable and just as fun as making a teddy bear. Birthday parties, field trips, and team bonding are listed as some of the occasions for using Build-a-bear for party needs.

Find Build-A-Bear- Coupons & Printable Discount Codes

You can find any Build-a-Bear coupon on their website. They usually offer great discounts around holidays, such as Valentine ’s Day. This year, they offered a free sound coupon that enabled children to forego the $8.00 charge for giving their bear a voice. They also regularly post a listing of “beary special savings” that are the same as a Build-a-bear coupon, just without the coupon code. These sales usually include discounts on bears and customizations.

Build-a-bear also has a great rewards program called “Stuff fur stuff” for shoppers. Points are earned for purchases. Once 100 points have been accumulated, you can get start selecting your rewards. Signing up for the program is as easy as going to the Build-a-Bear website. You can keep track of your points online. Coupons are especially numerous around the holidays. Any Build-A-Bear coupon found online is printable to take to your local store. They’re honored online and offline.

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