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Big Fish Games History

Big Fish Games is based in Seattle Washington and was founded in 2002. The company provides a number of games which are available to download on the Mac or PC. Most of the games have free trials available online, but all the games can be downloaded for a small fee.

The company is currently the global leader in casual games. This is due largely to the wide appeal of their games, which feature characters from all walks of life. Many of their games are targeted at children and the elderly, a population that is not frequently catered to in the gaming world.

Big Fish Games is well known for its hidden object games, particularly a series called “Mystery Case Files”. Players move through the game world and find objects and solve puzzles in a variety of scenes. They are also well known for their arcade style games, including “Azada” and “Peggle”.

One thing that makes Big Fish so popular is the addictive nature of their games. Although generally simple, the game play is both captivating and addicting. This may be due to the camp nature of the company’s games. The games all feature bright colors, happy characters, and hilarious sound effects. They are the perfect games for casual play because they are entertaining, family friendly, and positive.

The company is also famous for releasing a new game each day. This is unheard of in the gaming world due to the amount of time it takes to develop and test games. While many of their games are fairly similar, they are all unique and fun to play.

Ways to Find Special Deals, Coupon Codes, and Discounts for Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games offers a game club which allows its members to receive one free game per month. The club costs $6.99 per month, but provides significant discounts to its members. Those who belong to the club will receive a code for a free Big Fish game each month. The code can be redeemed online for any game on the site.

To join the Big Fish Games Club visit the Game Club website.

Coupons to Big Fish Games are not difficult to come by. There are a number of places online to find codes for cheap or even free games. You can find coupons ranging from 10% discounts to codes for free games.

To use the codes, just go to the Big Fish Games website and choose a game to purchase. Upon check-out, enter the promotional code to receive the discount.

After purchasing six games, Big Fish usually sends its customers a code for a free game. The company will send the free code even if free codes were used to purchase all six of the original games. This is an excellent way to receive a number of free Big Fish games.

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