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Aveeno is a skin care company with more than 60 years of experience creating products to sooth skin. Their first and most famous product was their Soothing Bath Treatment. Aveeno was purchased in 1999 by Johnson and Johnson and is now one of their most popular brands. Since the Johnson and Johnson purchase, the product lines Aveeno makes have increased. Aveeno now makes more than just bath products today.

The brand name Aveeno is based on the scientific name of oat, which is Avena sativa. Oats originally were the active ingredients of Aveeno’s earlier products. Today, their natural plant based products include oats, wheat, and soy and more. Aveeno is best known for soothing lotions, bath products and creams. The creams are generally milder and are designed to sooth irritated skin. The price is generally mid-range among lotion products. Many consumers still recognize Aveeno as the leader in soothing skin products, although they now make sunscreens, anti-aging creams, shaving gels and more. Aveeno is recognized for utilizing natural active ingredients that have a known history for treating skin problems. Oats, for example, have long been known to serve to calm skin affected by chicken pox, for example. Aveeno also makes products to treat eczema, poison oak, hives, and sunburn.

Aveenos Products

Aveeno markets the strength of its products on a concept know as “active naturals”. These are simply natural based ingredients. There are chemicals involved, however, the primary ingredient is something like oats, soy or wheat. Some of Aveeno’s over the counter products have actually been clinically tested, such as their bath treatments, and are recommended by physicians as a supplement to prescription medication.

Aveeno also produces anti-aging creams. Claims are made that 97% women show improvement in skin firmness and skin elasticity in just 4 weeks. However, there are no guarantees made with the products. Aveeno sells but it does not oversell the claims.

Aveeno also makes baby creams. It has largely supplanted Cetaphil and other hypoallergenic products. While previous baby products have focused on being as unoffensive as possible, Aveeno moves to make creams that are more comfortable and natural for daily use. However, it is important to recognize allergies. Aveeno products cremes made with soy, wheat, and other products that a significant minority of the population is allergic to.

Aveeno is marketed towards women and families but men also use Aveeno for their skincare needs. The products are typically found in women’s makeup aisles and unfortunately that is a mistake since their products are meant for all ages and genders. Aveeno products do not have perfumes or smells that indicate either gender. The smells are natural and smell like they are derived from plant products.

Promotional Discounts, Coupon Codes, and Deals on Aveeno

Aveeno coupons may be found online at a variety of sources. Aveeno’s website (http://www.aveeno.com) features free samples and coupons on the home page. Promotions include $1.00 off moisturizes and the like. Typically Aveeno products are found in the mid-range prices of $5 to $10 depending on the product. Quantities are typically generous. Aveeno is very much targeted towards middle-class consumers seeking natural ingredients in the skincare products without harsh chemicals.

Aveeno can be purchased on retailers and discount wholesale stores. Most wholesalers will not acknowledge online coupons however. Sales for Aveeno products are rare but regularly looking for coupons online and in the newspaper will help save money. Consumers interested in natural ingredient based skincare can go to the website and sign up for periodic contests and newsletters. Aveeno does most of its advertising in print and that is where you will typically find coupons, like in the newspaper section and magazine insets. If you are unsure you want to purchase Aveeno, remember to visit their website for a free sample.

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