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The American Machine Company was founded on March 16, 1900 by Moorehead Patterson in New Jersey. Its first line of production was for a cigarette-rolling machine for the tobacco industry.

It was not until the late 1930 when an inventor named Fred Schmidt came up with an idea for picking up and re-setting bowling pins with mechanical suction cups that AMF took a new direction. Schmidt, unable to interest Brunwick Corporation in his invention, sold the rights and AMF picked up the scent. AMF bought the patent and spent another six years refining the machine. AMF unveiled the new pinsetter at the 1946 American Bowling Congress’s annual tournament in Buffalo, New York. Impressive, but unreliable, AMF then spent another five years streamlining the pinsetter.

When the “Pinspotter” was reintroduced in 1951, it changed the face of the bowling industry. AMF leased it out to bowling alleys at 12 cents a game. It replaced the tedious process of hand setting the pins after each frame. Additionally, AMF invented complementary machines for the Pinspotter: an electric-eye violation detector, scoring indicators and under-lane ball return. By 1960, 90 percent of all American bowling alleys were automated and the American Machine Company moved its headquarters from Manhattan to Long Island.

With the phenomenal success of the bowling apparatus, AMF moved away from the tobacco industry and diversified and at one time were involved with Hatteras brand boats, Head skis, and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The acquisitions were unsuccessful and as AMF divested the offerings, it began an expansion campaign and started acquiring bowling centers in the 1980s.

Despite a couple of decades of hostile takeover bids, corporate raiders, ousted executives living a lavish lifestyle and unsuccessful expansion plans, AMF became AMF Bowling Companies, Inc. and moved to Richmond, Virginia.

Today, AMF is the global leader in the bowling industry. It manufacturers all bowling equipment including pins, balls, shoes, automated pins and lanes. It owns and operates more than 500 bowling centers in the United States and other countries. The mega huge investment-banking firm of Goldman, Sachs & Company holds a controlling interest in AMF Bowling.

Finding Deals, Promotional Discounts, and Coupon Codes Online for AMF Bowling

The very best place to find AMF bowling coupons is on the company’s website. They offer the AMF eClub. After filling out a short form on the website, coupons and special offers are sent directly to an email address. Each month they send out new special offers.

Furthermore, AMF offers great package deals that combine food specials and bowling games. This can be a combination of booking a lane and receiving one to two dollars off food and drink.

The company also runs promotions such as free scratch off tickets where a bowler can win bowling merchandise, discounts on games and gift cards.

Discounts can also be found directly at one of AMF bowling locations. AMF members get the lowest fees, the best and/or free hours, corporate rates, reward programs and party discounts.

Other AMF coupons can be found at online coupon websites but a savvy shopper will stick to the AMF official site and find their best bargains there.

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