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AMC Theaters is a popular large chain of multiplex movie theaters that spans across America. The Durwood brothers began the company with a single screen in Kansas City, Missouri in 1920. Edward “Handsome Ed” Durwood was the driving force behind the Durwood Theaters, quickly expanding its their holdings to include a dozen movie theaters and drive-in screens. It became the family business and in the early 1950s, “Handsome Ed” Durwood’s son, Stanley, came up with the idea for the first multi-screen movie theater in the world. It was not until 1968 that the company went nationwide and became the American Multi-Cinema, Inc or AMC as they are now known. AMC was also the first cinema chain to offer cup holders in the theatres and, later, stadium seating that is now practically an industry standard.

AMC Theaters are known for showing major motion pictures as well as many one night, limited time showings, or special events. One popular choice is the showing of all the Oscar nominated Best Picture films over two Saturdays the month before the Academy Awards are given out. Smaller special showings of filmed operas or musical plays and independent films are offered by location. What AMC is best known for, though, is their old-fashioned customer service paired with modern innovations such as online ticketing, state of the art projection and sound, and their popular Movie Watcher club. The Movie Watcher Rewards club was the first of its kind in the cinema industry, offering repeat guests special offers and incentives for their continued patronage.

Find Coupons, Discounts, and Special Member Rewards for AMC

While there are some printable coupons on the internet for AMC, the best AMC coupons and discounts are offered through their Movie Watcher club. Using a card much like a grocery store rewards card, you earn points for each ticket purchase with up to four points earned per visit. To earn points, however, you must present your card with each purchase. You can use your card both at the box office and when using online ticketing.

For every ten points earned, a new AMC coupon is issued. Starting with free concessions such as a free small popcorn or free small drink, you can work your way up to a free movie ticket and even a special offer after earning one hundred points. A Free Night at the Movies package provides rewards members with a free ticket, a free small drink, and a free small popcorn. With exception to a Free Night at the Movies, all other coupons are issued at the time of purchase that earns the necessary amount of points. A Free Night at the Movies package, however, is sent in the mail. Some locations even offer free items on certain days of the week with the use of the Movie Watch Rewards card, such as a free small popcorn on Wednesdays with the purchase of a movie ticket.

AMC’s Movie Water Rewards program is free to join. To sign up and start earning AMC coupons, you can visit their official rewards website. While the actual card will be sent by mail in four to six weeks, they offer a printable temporary card so you can start to earn your rewards immediately.

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