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Most Americans are very familiar with the popular online retailer, but recent advances have made it possible for Canadians to offer the discounts and superior customer service that has allowed Amazon to dominate the online retail market. Working through the site, Amazon has built up a number of shipping centers and retail outlets in Canada’s most popular areas, and negotiated favorable shipping agreements with the Canadian postal system and the Canadian branches of UPS and FedEx. This allows them to offer the same sort of free-shipping deals on many items they do in the US, however since the Canadian postal system is different from it’s American counterpart, many items cannot be shipped for free. Still, Amazon’s low overhead and lack of physical stores makes them ideal for home shoppers, and offers many of the same deals available in the American version of the store.

Amazon started out in 1995, well before the concept of internet shopping was popular or even widely though feasible. The idea was to sell books via the internet, so as to take advantage of American postal agreements that permit books to be shipped at special low rates. This allowed Amazon to sell books at prices which were competitive to those found in physical bookstores, while still offering cheap (or even free) shipping. Amazon has since expanded to carry almost everything, although the vast majority of the company’s income arrives from the sale of books, DVDs, electronics, and other lightweight, high-value items. Amazon now also offers the sale of digital items.

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Amazon is noted for offering deals largely through it’s own website. The most common way is to receive coupons after point of purchase. These coupons are largely unadvertised and arrive without warning after a purchaser has bought an item, in order to prevent accusations that the item is being sold for too little. Such coupons are generally worth between five and fifteen Canadian dollars, and delivered via e-mail after a purchase has successfully been completed. Amazon coupons are applied automatically, and generally have very generous expiration dates, so buyers may find that they receive cash off for an item automatically even if they were not aware they were thus entitled.

Amazon also offers so-called “Gold Box” deals, in which a user has a one-shot chance of purchasing an item at an extremely low price, usually 50% off or more. While the contents of the “Gold Box” are not known by a user until they open it, users may open the Gold Box once every twenty four hours, and it’s contents are usually tailored to meet a buyer’s shopping habits. Thus it is a good idea for a shopper to open their gold box before they go out looking for a specific item, in order to make sure that they can’t get it at a special deal. Amazon has one of the most advanced algorithms for determining a buyer’s purchasing habits, and the company’s suggestions are legendary for their accuracy. It is very common for a user to open up their Gold Box and find just the item they intended to purchase.

Amazon also has daily deal announcements which are broadcast on it’s own webpage every day. There are many aggregators which collect all possible Amazon deals, however Amazon offers many deals and member promotions which are announced directly through it’s blog. Users may also sign up to receive e-mails detailing which items are currently on sale, and at what prices. This is an excellent way for someone who makes multiple purchases to receive the maximum possible benefit, and is also useful for someone who is waiting for a specific item to drop to a specific price.

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