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Airwick fragrances are one of the most popular home fragrance and odor eliminating brands on the market. The brand is owned by Reckitt Benckiser which is a English company focusing on consumer goods, like Proctor and Gamble. Airwick is part of the home product group. The company based is located in Slough, outside London, which coincidentally is where the fictional British Office comedy television program was based.

Airwick is known for its air fresheners. These consumer products are designed for indoor use generally. Airwick sells automatic and manual versions. Airwick sells candles, aerosols, oil diffuser sticks, and gel packs.

These air fresheners dispersion methods keep advancing every year. Originally they worked by evaporating and with time, electrical versions were made with heaters to heat oil and gel. More advancements were developed to build on existing air fresher machines. Since oil does not diffuse at a very rapid rate, small fans were added. However, that was overpowering and created a little sound. So newer technologies developed a timed puff. Now, the latest technology is motion sensing puffs.

Airwick’s Growth

Projected sales of air products are estimated to be $7.3 billion dollars this year. That is an incredible increase in sales. Previously, people simply used plants and candles to freshen the air, but now there are several technologies. Modern air fresheners like Airwick work in five different ways.

    1. Absorption – these air fresheners use charcoal, silica or gels to trap offensive odors. A common air freshener is baking soda
    2. Dulling – some air fresheners will mask the smell by dulling humans sense of smell. The odor never disappears, just the person abilities to smell it.
    3. Chemicals – certain chemicals react with odor causing substances
    4. Anti-bacterial – many smells are caused by bacteria. Some air fresheners will spray bleaching and disinfecting agents to eliminate surface and airborne bacteria.
    5. Covering – some air fresheners simply overpower the air with additional fragrances. This is the strategy of potpourri and floral air fresheners generally.

Airwick air fresheners generally combine at least 2 methods, sometimes 3. The gel based air fresheners attempt to capture bad smells. Careful chemistry in the oil based air fresheners attempt to dull smells. Finally, all Airwick air fresheners cover the smells with natural and artificial scents.

Print Airwick Coupons Online

Airwick coupons are largely available in mailings, newspapers and online. Online coupons can be found on the Airwick website for your region. These are official coupons from the manufacturer and should be honored at most major retailers. Unfortunately, these coupons are unlikely to be honored if you tend to purchase from online retailers. If you live in the United States, visit their website. Since Airwick is a global brand, there are corresponding websites for each country with currency appropriate coupons.

The coupons for most air fresheners that Airwick makes range from $.50 cents off up to a free unit. The system is to give away the device for a lower rate and make up the price through selling refills. Unlike most scented oils, air freshener companies use devices that require a company refill to deliver the best freshness effect. The most effective coupon strategy to is purchase the main unit with a coupon and purchase refills online or at discount retailers such as Costco, Sam’s Club or the like.

Ideally, we would have no need for air fresheners, but the world is a smelly place. Either we make the smells or they come from the environment. Airwick air fresheners help make this life a more tolerable place by replacing the bad smells with good ones. Use Airwick coupons available online to save money and live a good life.

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