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History of AirTran

Founded almost two decades ago in 1992, AirTran Airways has only recently become one of the most well known and traveled airlines in existence. The nice thing about AirTran is that it’s a low cost airfare provider, which puts it ahead of many of the more expensive airlines running today. With the recent years bringing much more of an emphasis on traveling with a budget, AirTran has been able to take full advantage of that and build a lot of loyalty among customers out there. The company provides many AirTran coupons for people to use, and these help to cut into the costs even more than usual.

Though AirTran is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, it has its primary hub at Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport. That is one of the busiest and most traveled airports in the world, so it makes sense that AirTran would run the majority of their flights through Atlanta. Though the company itself might be centered on the South, it has become a truly national carrier. Travelers can use AirTran coupons on flights from coast to coast, and some of the most popular locations in areas like New York City, Boston, and Indianapolis. This has helped AirTran pick up more loyal customers.

Save Money on AirTran Tickets with Printable Coupons and Discounts

In general, customers who use AirTran coupons will be taking advantage of their unique approach to airfare. While some companies are out there trying to provide too much and charging too much for it, AirTran takes the approach that people just want to be comfortable. Most people are looking to fly for a small price and they are looking to have some basics while they get to their destination. AirTran provides that for individuals, by offering solid customer service, a friendly approach, and expedited flights. They have recently updated many of their airplanes to offer some modern conveniences, with the vast majority having XM Radio on-board and some of them even featuring wireless internet service in the cabin. This is their way of keeping up, while still keeping prices relatively low.

As a low cost carrier, they are constantly providing people with coupons that can be used for lower flights, free flights, and even for discounts on bag checking. The best way to earn AirTran coupons is through their official program. They offer a loyalty rewards program, which is similar to most frequent flyer programs in the industry. Customers are able to build up points with their flights over time. The more you fly with them, the more points you accrue. They have targeted budget-minded business travelers in this way, as those individuals can save thousands of dollars over the course of a year with enough AirTran coupons.

Additionally, they will occasionally offer programs through their official site that allow AirTran coupons to be printed off and used directly at the counter. The most common types of coupons are free upgrades to business class seats, which provide more leg room and a more comfortable chair. Drink service is also complimentary in business class, so this can be a really valuable AirTran coupon for those who take advantage. It all depends upon their specials, as they will run more promotions during the down times when flights are not as busy. Some of these programs will allow people to check in an extra bag for free or some sort of similar discount.

Overall, AirTran is leading the way for low cost airlines and they have set the standard for how to effectively provide discounts. Both online and offline, people can get AirTran coupons without much trouble and use them to their best advantage through the year.

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