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What is the Adventuredome?

Formerly known as Grand Slam Canyon, The Adventuredome is the country’s most well known and biggest indoor theme park. Located in Circus Circus in Las Vegas, the park offers twenty-five rides and attractions. The park is now connected to The Promenade Hotel. The Adventuredome opened in 1993 in the west parking lot of The Promenade. The park includes the Canyon Blaster roller coaster, a rock climbing wall, an 18-hole miniature golf course, an arcade, and even clown shows.

The Canyon Blaster is the world’s largest indoor double loop, double corkscrew roller coaster. This roller coaster was the original park attraction and still serves as the biggest attraction at the Adventuredome. Children love SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D, which is a SimEx ride film.

If you love Halloween, Adventuredome turns into Frightdome every October. Frightdome is an event that takes place in the dome. This event includes haunted houses, freak shows, and even the transformations of rides to make them spookier. The Frightdome is intended for kids thirteen and older.

Visiting Adventuredome

If you’re having a group outing, Adventuredome could be an excellent destination. Ditch your boring old company picnic and take your employees to an exciting event at Adventuredome. They are designed to handle groups of any size and will assist with every detail as necessary making your outing as fun as possible. These detials could include catering, entertainment, themes, and décor. When you book a group outing, you will receive a generous discount per person.

If you’re school is looking for a great way to give students an amazing field trip, Adventuredome will be there to help in the supervision. Physics Day is great way to get students excited about roller coasters while educating them on kinetic energy and gravity. Students will love finding out about how the laws of physics play a part in their thrills.

If you’re in a performing group, you could be an attraction yourself. Adventuredome loves to have people of all ages singing, dancing and even playing instruments around the dome. School groups are widely encouraged to take part in this part of the park.

Discounts, Coupons, and Promotional Savings for the Adventuredome

Getting a discount on entry to Adventuredome is easy. Adventuredome offers military discounts for soldiers and retired active duty. They also offer a two-dollar discount to anybody that has a valid Nevada ID. If you’re visiting from out of town, there are also some great resources for you to get discounts on admission. Several websites will offer anywhere from four to twenty dollars off if you print out the coupons from their web pages. Another way is to keep your ears open for weekly promotions. During certain weeks Adventuredome will offer money off of admission for bringing canned food or making a donation to a charity.

Adventuredome is a great way to blow off some steam and get some excitement into your otherwise boring day. Being the biggest and most sought after indoor theme park, Adventuredome is a staple to the Las Vegas Strip. If you would like to give your hard working employees something for their families, planning a corporate outing through Adventuredome is a great way to tell them how much you appreciate their work. For discounts and coupons, search through some websites or bring a valid Nevada drivers license with you to the box office.

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