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What is the Adventure Aquarium?

The Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ began as a non-profit organization owned by the New Jersey Academy of Aquatic sciences. Its non-profit status would continue for the next 12 years. Its run as a non-profit Organization ended in 2004 when the official construction and expansion of the aquarium was taken over by Seiner & Associates. On September 7, 2004, the aquarium closed to allow Steiner entertainment time to renovate its existing design. The work that took place over the next 10 months is the reason the aquarium is successful today. During the renovation project, the New Jersey Academy of Aquatic Sciences contributed greatly to this success by offering their educational expertise during construction.

In 2007, the aquarium was passed along to another organization, Herschend Family Entertainment. They are the owners of the current version of the aquarium. The popularity of the Adventure Aquarium has grown so much that NBC news sometimes stops by. On those days, visitors can get in for only $10 and get the chance to chat with the well-known personality of the NBC 10 news personalities.

Adventure Aquarium Specialties

The name of Adventure aquarium gives away its specialty. Aquatic life is the focus of entertainment. Every corner of the aquarium is designed with adventure in mind. You’re not just browsing animals. You interact with them, get to know about the lives they lead, and in some cases, have adventures with them.

Kids will love the Touch-a-shark exhibit. If you’re brave, you can touch either a dogfish shark or a Bamboo shark. Seal Shores is another popular exhibit at the aquarium. The seals live in luxury in a shark-free, 170,000 gallon tank. Kids can watch shows or just observe the seals having the kind of fun only kids can understand.

No trip to the aquarium is worthwhile until you’ve visited Genny and Button, the friendly 3,000 hippos that await you in the West African river experience exhibit. Button is so popular that the aquarium even celebrates his birthday each year with a “birthday bash” for Button and his fans.

If you have a special event to host, the aquarium offers its luxurious currents ballroom. All formal occasions can take place here. Visit the currents ballroom website to find out just why adults consider this their adventure of a lifetime.

Seasonal Celebrations

Seasonal celebrations are a big part of the aquarium’s life. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas are a few of the holidays that the aquarium celebrates with its visitors. This year visitors can look forward to breakfast with Rudolph, a trip to Davy Jones’ ghostly pirate ship, and the popular Button’s Birthday Bash, held in honor of beloved aquarium hippo Button. Interacting with Button is an unforgettable celebration.

Find Promotional Discounts, Deals, and Coupon Codes for the Adventure Aquarium

The special values section of the Adventure Aquarium website will give you bargains on admission and special events throughout the year. Many of these Adventure Aquarium coupons are for family admission prices, so bring the whole family along if you’re in the mood to save. A recent example of savings is a Family Value Package that is being offered to people who order online. For $110.00, you get four general admission tickets and four meal vouchers for the popular Feeding Frenzy Café. Kids will enjoy a meal that includes a hamburger, fries, and soda.

Adventure Aquarium sometimes combines its offers with other waterfront adventures. The current “Fish and ship” deal allows an adult to visit both the aquarium and the Battleship NJ for only $31.50. New Adventure Aquarium coupons can be found on its website under the category of special values. There is something new all the time.

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