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History of Victoria’s Secret

Founded in the late 1970s out of San Francisco California, Victoria’s Secret is currently the largest specialty lingerie retailer in America. Victoria’s Secret was designed to give a shopping experience the exact opposite of department stores- dim lights, elegant design features, and lingerie carefully displayed in sets with excess merchandise stored in back rooms. This quiet, elegant atmosphere was created by the founder of Victoria’s Secret in hopes of encouraging men to purchase lingerie gifts for their significant others. Unlike other shopping-mall type stores, Victoria’s Secret turns down any and all celebrity endorsements. Instead, they use only supermodels in their advertisements. Currently, Victoria’s Secret sells their wares via their website, mall stores, free-standing shops, and catalog.

Victoria’s Secret originally started out as a lingerie-only store, however they currently carry women’s clothing, sleepwear, shoes, swimwear, cosmetics, and fragrances for men as well as women. Their primary draw is still their patented lingerie designs, however. Whether you want a bra with a scientific, high-tech sounding name such as “Bio-Fit” or “VSX Sport”, or if you prefer something a bit more sensual such as “Second Skin Satin” or “Angels”, Victoria’s Secret caters to a wide variety of female tastes. Victoria’s Secret has always relied on a certain brand of sexy to sell their products, as each item and advertising campaign is carefully created to avoid any and all implications of sleaze.

Victoria’s Secret’s annual fashion show is the one event that fans look forward to all year long. This televised, star-studded gala is more of a theatrical presentation than an advertisement for the next season’s upcoming styles. Extravagant costume lingerie such as diamond studded bras, fur-trimmed negligees with vast trains, and be-feathered panties abound. The fashion show is a visual treat with their lavish runway sets, celebrity entertainment, and world-famous supermodels named “Victoria’s Secret Angels” strutting the catwalk.

Find Promotional Discounts, Deals, and Special Coupon Codes for Victoria’s Secret

Due to the fact that Victoria’s Secret is a world-renown brand, coupons and special bargains abound- both online and in print. Signing up for their catalog or e-newsletter can alert you to special Victoria’s Secret sales and coupons. Often just a quick glance at their homepage will reveal special coupon codes for internet orders, such as free shipping or $15 off a purchase of $100. Occasionally, they’ll even offer a free Secret Rewards Card with purchase, valued anywhere from $10 all the way up to $500.

Signing up for one of Victoria’s Secret’s credit cards, referred to as the Angel Card or Angel VIP Card, can earn you even more savings. As you purchase items you’ll earn points that can be traded in for cash-back rewards. You’ll also get VIP offers, secret sales alerts, free merchandise, and special coupons.

Victoria’s Secret is a fantastic place to shop, and with all of Victoria’s Secret coupons currently available, you’ll never have to pay full price for quality merchandise.

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