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History of Entenmanns

Entenmann’s Bakery was started by William Entenmann in 1898 in Brooklyn, New York. As an immigrant and son of a German baker, Entenmann had good skills and some great recipes to build a business from. Entenmann’s expanded rapidly, selling a variety of breads and pastries, much of which were delivered on a large number of routes in the area. The business was passed on to William Entenmann Jr., who continued it after moving it to Long Island, New York. After Entenmann Jr. Died unexpectedly, his wife curtailed the product line, choosing to focus on the pastry business. Also, the business model changed from home delivery sales to grocery store sales. It was the Entenmann family that in 1959 – invented the see through pastry box that we now take for granted. This innovation spurred sales because customers could actually see the pastry before they bought it without opening the package.

The 1960s saw tremendous growth for Entenmann’s with expansion into New Jersey and Connecticut. In preparation for national expansion, Entenmann’s recipes were revised to make them better suited for national climates. Entenmann’s signature chocolate chip cookies were first launched in 1972. Their famous butter loaf cakes are rapidly approaching one billion in total sales.

Entenmann’s was sold to Warner-Lambert, a pharmaceutical firm in 1978 which after several years sold the brand to General Foods. When Kraft Foods and General merged in 1990, the Entenmann’s brand reached new levels of distribution. The brand changed hands several more times, first to CPC International, then to Bestfoods, then to Unilever and then to George Weston. The current owner of the Entenmann’s brand, Bimbo Bakeries USA, purchased it in 2008.

Throughout its lengthy existence, Entenmann’s has become synonymous for great tasting, fresh pastries that are consistently favorites at local supermarkets. Recent developments of the brand include several Enten-minis, designed for kids and other people who eat packed lunches; On the Go products, featuring cereal bars and measured calories for busy workers and parents; a line of gourmet coffee; and a line of scented candles.

Entenmann’s current product lineup includes:

  • Little Bites
  • Donuts
  • Loaf cakes
  • Cookies
  • Dessert cakes
  • Pies
  • Danishes
  • Crumb cakes
  • 100 calorie lifestyle packages
  • Single packaged cakes
  • Entenmann Ultimates desserts.

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Entenmann’s Coupons can be found in local Sunday newspapers in the areas where Entenmann’s products are available. Entenmann’s coupons can also be printed out from a variety of online coupon Web sites. Customers can also save money by using in store coupons that are periodically offered in the bakery section. Visitors to the Entenman’s Web site can register for the My Entenmann’s email club which periodically sends out special news and information. Entenmann’s operates a variety of bakery and thrift outlets that offer their great products at significant discounts without requiring coupon use.

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