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Coupons for Plavix

Benefits of Plavix

Plavix is a prescription medication manufactured by the Bristol-Myers Company.

Two of the leading causes of death in the United States are heart attack and stroke, and the numbers continue to climb despite increasingly sophisticated medications.

What’s even more troubling is that those who have survived either a heart attack or a stroke are more likely to experience another one within a year’s time. It can be a scary prospect, almost like a ticking time bomb for the many Americans who suffer cardiac-related complications each year.

To help reduce this risk, scientists developed medications like Plavix, which effectively reduces the number of platelets in the blood. This helps decrease the likelihood of future blocked arteries, which lowers the risk of a future heart-related incident such as cardiac arrest or stroke.

How Does Plavix Work?

Squibb/Sanofi Pharmaceuticals Partnership. Plavix is prescribed to people who have been diagnosed with peripheral artery disease (P.A.D.) or who have recently experienced a blood clotting related problem such as a heart attack or a stroke. If taken with Aspirin, Plavix can also benefit those with Acute Coronary Syndrome.

Plavix prohibits blood from forming clots by keeping blood platelets moving freely through the blood stream. While most medications formulated to lower blood pressure and cholesterol work to keep plaque from building up in the arteries, they do not stop platelets from sticking together.

Plavix is unique in this feature and can significantly lower the possibility of a stroke or heart attack. Since individuals with a history of heart attack or stroke and those with P.A.D. are at higher risk for clotting related problems, Plavix is often prescribed to this population.

Plavix Side Effects

People with any of these conditions should talk to their doctors about the possibility of adding Plavix to their healthcare regimen.

Although this medication can be an important key to one’s health, like any pharmaceutical there are side effects. Side effects of Plavix include severe itching, rash, and diarrhea.

Plavix’s Place in the Market

These medications are relatively new entrants to the already burgeoning prescription drug market that revolves around heart problems, but they’re some of the most effective ways to treat blocked arteries.

Finding Coupons and Discounts on Plavix

And their popularity, combined with the statistical likelihood in this country suffering from heart-related complications, means that customers are constantly looking for a better deal on drugs like Plavix.

However, Plavix coupons are a rare breed and the ways to save on the drug have more to do with group savings programs and health insurance than they do with coupon offers.

That does not mean that coupons are entirely out of the question when pursuing a way to save on Plavix medication. Indeed, Bristol-Myers Squibb, the company that markets Plavix, occasionally sends out special offers to pharmacies, doctors, and even magazines that are targeted toward senior citizens or those who most frequently suffer from heart attacks and strokes.

Different Ways of Getting Plavix Coupons

These are not the typical kind of coupons that will come with your local Sunday newspaper, so don’t expect to see Plavix deals bundled with savings at the local supermarket. Instead, these coupons and special offers will take a bit more leg work to obtain.

Because the company markets its product more to pharmacists and doctors than to average Americans (outside of television commercials, anyway), customers will need to ask those people if they have any special deals available on the drug.

This is as easy as picking up the phone and calling your local pharmacy. You can even comparison shop between different pharmacists to see which one has the better deal, or is willing to offer the greater savings.

Likewise, it’s worth using your next appointment with your doctor to inquire about ways to save on Plavix. He’ll likely have several available Plavix coupons that he can share with you or instruct the pharmacist to use when your prescription is called in.

Printed Plavix Coupons and Coupon Codes

Magazines which target older Americans, as well as groups that are most at risk for complications from heart attacks or strokes, frequently have coupons to save a certain percentage or dollar amount on your next Plavix refill at your local pharmacy. They will likely come with expiration dates, however, but it’s worth saving them for future use if you’re currently taking the drug.

Unfortunately, this requires a magazine subscription, so it’s not a “free” way to save. However, those who don’t mind fronting the cost of the magazine in order to receive the special offers included inside could save a good deal on their next prescription.

Plavix Coupons On the Web

There are several ways to obtain special offers and save money on the purchase of Plavix. On the official site,, a link and a phone number are offered for those who need assistance in purchasing the medication.

The link is the website for Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA), a service that connects people with programs that will help them get the prescription medication they need.

The various programs that PPA partners with distribute medicine to individuals in need at little or no cost. To find out if they are eligible for assistance from PPA, candidates can fill out an online questionnaire or call toll free 1-888-4PPA-NOW.

Other Ways to Save on a Plavix Prescription

In addition to the rare, but helpful, Plavix coupons that customers may be able to get ahold of, there are insurance and group rate options that can significantly lower its cost as well. These programs will cost a bit out-of-pocket, but their savings adds up over the course of a year — especially for customers with multiple prescriptions with high price tags.

The first option is a group rate prescription drug savings policy. These policies are typically purchased independent of insurers and require a flat monthly or yearly fee.

Because they are operating in large pools of people , thousands if not tens of thousands of prescription drug buyers, they can offer deep discounts on a drug’s price. Some of these programs offer savings on Plavix and other drugs that can be as high as 75 percent per refill.That’s a huge savings over both the retail price and the insurance-discounted price of the drug.

Conversely, those who have suffered from heart attacks and strokes should be able to call their insurer and indicate this fact. Their insurer will be able to offer them enhanced prescription drug coverage or an added amount to their premium each month.

Combining Other Offers with Plavix

Again, for users of many prescription drugs, the costs of increasing a premium rate are outweighed by the benefit of far less expensive prescriptions at a local pharmacy.

And it’s worth noting that both of these options, more comprehensive insurance or group rate prescription drug discount plans, can be used in combination with Plavix coupons obtained from a physician, pharmacist, or magazine advertisement.

That means customers will effectively get two levels of a discount that can always be used alongside each other. It’s the prescription drug equivalent of “double coupons” at most major supermarkets.

Find the Available Ways to Save on Plavix

Plavix is the leading way to prevent a future heart attack or stroke, especially for those who have already had one experience with either event. The average savings is 31% the cost of the drug and a potential 75% may be taken off the price.

The only thing Plavix doesn’t do on its own is save customers money; the good news is that there are plenty of options available to save up to 75 percent on the drug. Plavix coupons and group prescription drug rates will ensure customers get the best deal on this life-saving drug.

One last option for Plavix savings is applying for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Patient Assistance Foundation. lists the conditions for qualifying for the program. To receive more information or an application, simply call the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.

Be sure to fill out all necessary paperwork completely and neatly in order to minimize the time necessary to process your application. To contact them, call 800-736-0003 or visit

Palmolive Coupons

Palmolive Printable Coupons

History of Palmolive

With a rich history and quality product, Palmolive has been used since 1898. With a formula created by B.J. Johnson, Palmolive was made of mostly palm and olive oils, hence its given name. At the turn of the century, it was considered the world’s best selling soap, and its popularity lead to the company taking the name Palmolive. Using clever advertising on radio called The Palmolive Hour, the sales of the soap increased.

Palmolive merged with a soap manufacturer from Missouri in the 1920s and became Palmolive-Peet. Palmolive-Peet then purchased the Colgate Company. Known for their fragranced soaps and toothpaste, the Colgate Company brought an established line of products into the Colgate-Palmolive-Peet family.

In 1953, the company simply became Colgate-Palmolive. Even with heavy competition in the market, Colgate-Palmolive is now known for its soap, toothpaste and oral hygiene, and pet care products. They are the manufacturers of Palmolive dish soap, Colgate toothpaste and toothbrushes, Irish Spring soap, SoftSoap handsoap, Speedstick deodorants, Teen Spirit deodorants, Hill’s pet food, and Tom’s of Maine natural toothpaste.

Palmolive’s Products

Palmolive products alone have a great variety available. With Original, Anti-Bacterial, Aroma Sensations, Oxy Plus, pure + clear, Baby, and Soft Touch varieties available, there is a product for every consumer. Those with allergies or sensitive skin may benefit from Soft Touch, while baked-on food may come off better with Oxy Plus. Palmolive has also introduced their detergent Palmolive eco+ for dishwashers.

Finding Free Coupons Online for Palmolive

If you regularly use Palmolive products and are looking to pay less at the register, there are useful coupons that can be found in many locations. By utilizing national sales and coupons, Palmolive products can be purchased while saving you considerable money. Online Palmolive coupons can be found at By following the links on this site, visitors can sign up for the SmileTalk e-newsletter.

Always sign up for free samples. These can be found through Palmolive’s website, through Facebook, or just through your favorite money saving blog. Sign up even if it is for a smaller-sized product because free samples always come with coupons.

This will provide specials and coupons for products in both Colgate and Palmolive’s lines. The newsletter will also provide information for any special offers that may be available. Occasionally, Colgate will release a booklet that can be received by mail and contains special coupons. This is generally seasonal and may become available for back-to-school events or holidays.

Couponers can also find coupons by clicking “Like” on Palmolive’s Facebook page. By clicking “Like”, Facebook members will get the most up-to-date information on Palmolive products including special promotions, and will sometimes receive links to high-dollar coupons. Palmolive has multiple Facebook pages, so be sure to follow them on Palmolive Naturals and Palmolive Cool Dude, a page specially designed for children’s products featured in their line. Also, Colgate-Palmolive has a page. By following all of these pages, customers can also provide feedback on products.

Palmolive Coupons in Stores

Palmolive coupons can also be found through national grocery or drug store chains. Stores like Walgreens, Target, or CVS may have coupons listed in their weekly flyers or on their websites. These coupons can generally be used together with manufacture coupons. Check with your store to see what their policy is on combining coupons.

Coupons can also be found in the Sunday paper. Usually the paper includes 2 inserts each Sunday that may have Palmolive coupons inside. Buying multiple copies of the Sunday paper will give you multiple coupons for the same items. When there is a sale on Palmolive items, using these coupons on multiple items will help you to stock up on the essentials that you use frequently, like hand soap or dish soap.

Particularly for these nonperishable items, it is easy to stock up on a few months worth when prices are especially low. If you do purchase multiple papers, check that your paper includes the coupons, as sometimes they are mistakenly left out. Be aware that during holiday weekends, coupons inserts are not available.

A little known way to receive coupons is through the mail. By sending an email or letter to Colgate-Palmolive and discussing your experience with the product, you may receive coupons in return. The notes don’t have to be long, just explain how you use the product, if you like it, or if you have issues with the way it works.

Free Palmolive Coupons Through the Mail

Many companies are interested in getting feedback from their customers and very often will reward you by sending high-dollar coupons through the mail. Generally, these coupons are worth significantly more than coupons found online or in the newspaper. Because you have taken the time to write to the company, they may provide you will very good coupons in return.

Be sure that you understand the best times to use Palmolive coupons. Stores run sales based on a schedule. This means that Palmolive products may go on sale every 4 to 5 weeks. This means that Nyquil products will generally go on sale every 4 to 5 weeks. This may mean that Palmolive products are reduced in price or that the store is offering their own in-store coupons to be used. The store may also feature Palmolive products during a buy one, get one sale.

Saving Money on Palmolive Products

This is the perfect time to use coupons, as it will save you the most money. Of course, each store has different coupon policies, so be sure to check with them before checking out. Also be sure when searching for coupons that your coupon applies to the purchase. With many different varieties of Palmolive products available, the coupon may only apply to a specific product in their line. Be sure you read the restrictions on the coupon before you get to the register.

With an extensive product line and over 100 years of history, Palmolive products are used in millions of homes around the world. Using these tips can help you find coupons for Palmolive products and save you and your family money.

Todai Coupons

Todai Printable Coupons

Todai Company History

Todai restaurants are known for their amazing seafood buffets around California and internationally as well. Todai coupons can be found in local coupon books and online, making it even more affordable to taste sushi, hot Asian entrees, salads and even dessert in an all-you-can eat format.

Todai first got its start in Santa Monica, California in 1985. It grew to over ten restaurants in a little over a decade. In 1997, several investors got involved with the chain and decided to expand the International seafood and sushi buffet into some new areas including Beijing, China and South Korea. This is a franchise opportunity, so it is possible to see one of these restaurants popping up anywhere in the world, with new locations being opened up every single year.

The restaurant is best known for its family oriented fare, offering a wide selection of food for all kinds of taste buds. There are cold dishes, sushi, hot seafood dishes including salmon, scallops, cod, tuna and many more.

For those who don’t want any seafood, there is plenty of other hot dishes including chicken wings, chicken and beef teriyaki, miso soup and beyond. Plus, there are various fresh salads made in house every day. The dessert bar is also very extensive in their International offerings, including tiramisu, cheesecake, crème brulee, and more.

International Cuisine

All of the food is considered Asian fusion; however there are some other foods, too. It prides on being International. Some “made to order” stations can be found throughout the restaurant, too. These can include crepes, hand rolled sushi, a Noodle corner and others. The restaurant also serves alcohol – wine, sake as well as domestic and imported beers.

Finding Money Saving Coupons for Todai Restaurants

Todai coupons can help you to dine on all of this magnificent food at a lot less money. Then you can see why Los Angeles critic, Elmer Dillis, called Todai the “Mother of all seafood buffets.”

Savings can be found throughout the online forum as well as in local coupon books. The first place to go is right to the company website. can tell you more details about the buffet, what kinds of things you’ll find on the menu and help you to find a location that is closest to you. Here you can also sign up for Toby’s E-Club. You’ll join the club where you’ll get a coupon on your birthday, regular emails including different specials, new foods added to the buffet as well as useful Todai coupons that can save you a lot of money when you done out.

Special Events and Social Media

As for birthdays, there are occasionally other specials that the local Todai restaurants will run. For details on these, call the Todai nearest you and they’ll give you all of the details (and discounts) if they apply.

There is also a Facebook page that people can join, learning about all sorts of coupons that become available from the general community. As soon as one hits, many people will post. The administrator for Todai is also really great about replying to people, so you may even be able to ask where coupons are and get a direct response.

More Ways to Save Money at Todai

Regardless of whether you are traveling to somewhere in Southern California, Hong Kong or Seoul, Korea, you can dine at Todai and save. You can find Todai coupons that can be used at any location or specifically for one location. Before you print the coupon and get ready to redeem it, make sure it’s valid for the address that you want to visit so that you don’t get any surprises when the check comes.

Visit and you can find various Todai coupons that can save you a lot of money. You can find one that gives you $10 off of $50. This means that you can buy as much as you want as long as the bill is at least $50 and get $10 off the total check. Another coupon that you can find is $5 off $25. This is a lunch coupon to entice people in to try the lunch buffet. As long as you spend at least $25, you get $5 off.

If you are taking a large group to Todai, coupons are available for you as well. You may want to look in one of the CouponSaver books in any California hotel or in the front of some grocery stores to see if you can find one of these coupons. You can find a 1 Free Adult buffet for a party of 6 or more coupon. There is another coupon that allows you to buy 4 Get 1 Free. This means that as long as you buy four buffets, you get 1 completely free.

Finding Todai Coupons Online

Yahoo or Google Images is a great place to find coupons, too. Many people will scan images of the coupons and post them up so people can print them off. All you need is a printer and a pair of scissors. Todai will accept all coupons as long as they are for the specific location and that the expiration date is available.

However you get your coupons, you can get great food at Todai. Each day, the buffet can be a little different. There is so much food displayed every day that it is possible for you to get something unique each day for a week and never leave hungry. There are many buffets throughout the country that offer all-you-can-eat, but none are of the same quality (or quantity) as Todai.

Hamburger Helper Coupons

Save Money on Hamburger Helper

History of Hamburger Helper

Hamburger Helper has been providing products for a quick meal since 1971. Listed as one of the top three fad foods from that decade, Hamburger Helper is still a popular staple for busy families. The main product of the company is a line of boxed dinners designed to be added to a pound of ground beef in order to make an entire entree or meal in a single skillet. Some of the most popular flavors of Hamburger Helper include Beef Stroganoff, Lasagna, and Cheeseburger Macaroni.

In the 80s, General Mills added another line of Helpers to the Beef and Tuna varieties already on the market. Chicken Helper quickly passed Tuna helper in popularity, due in part to increasing availability of low-cost, boneless chicken breasts in grocery stores. Popular Chicken Helper flavors include Creamy Chicken and Noodle and Fettuccine Alfredo.

For busy individuals who are trying to make meals at home and on a budget, Hamburger Helper is a great entree choice. Not only can a meal be prepared in as little as twenty minutes, it is also very easy to snag great deals on these General Mills products. Finding and using Hamburger Helper coupons is relatively easy, and takes a lot less work than many coupon searches do. Coupons for these products are common, and when coupled with store savings, shoppers can often buy a box of Helper for less than a dollar. Well-versed coupon users may even score free boxes using Hamburger Helper coupons!

Finding Hamburger Helper Coupons on the Web

The first place shoppers should look for Hamburger Helper Coupons is the Betty Crocker coupon listing. These coupons, which come directly from Betty Crocker and General Mills, are updated often and can include deals for Hamburger Helper. Shoppers should bookmark the site and check before each trip to the grocery store to make sure there are no new coupons to print. If a desired coupon is present, users should always try to print it twice. Most online coupon printers will allow a coupon to be printed two times, so users can double their savings!

Another great place to look for Hamburger Helper coupons online is This site scours the internet on a regular basis and provides a list of dozens of current coupons to be printed. A great way to double up savings on this site is to look for coupons on cans of tuna or chicken as well as Hamburger Helper coupons. The Hamburger Helper coupons can usually be used on any of the boxed Helper products, so those with a coupon for a free can of tuna can get the entire meal for as low as 50 cents!

Hamburger Helper Coupons in the Paper

For those who do not want to print coupons or who have limited internet access, Hamburger Helper coupons can often be found in mail and Sunday paper inserts. Smart Source and Redplum inserts are generally the best bet for these types of coupons. Family magazines may also have an occasional coupon for Helper products. Coupon clippers should always be on the lookout for coupons for their favorite products in any publication.

When using Hamburger Helper coupons, there are some tips and tricks to getting the best possible deal. One of these tricks is to stack manufacturer’s coupons with store coupons. For example, grocery chains like Kroger, Publix or Food Lion often provide their own coupons on the back of receipts or through mail to customers who are part of their savings card programs. These coupons may be for a specific product, or may be for a certain amount off a grocery bill.

If a customer receives a coupon from Publix for $1.00 off three boxes of Hamburger Helper, they may be able to use the coupon along with a coupon from General Mills in order to score additional savings. For example:

  • The customer has printed two coupons from the Betty Crocker site. Each coupon is for 50 cents off a single box
  • The price for Hamburger Helper at the time is $1.75 per box
  • The customer buys 3 boxes for a total of $5.25
  • The customer saves 50 cents on two boxes and $1.00 for buying all three
  • The customer pays $3.25 for three boxes, a savings of $2.00! The end price of the product is a little over one dollar per box

Doubling Up with Store Savings on Hamburger Helper

Although stacking Hamburger Helper coupons can save a great deal of money, an even better way to save money is to couple coupon stacking with store sales. Imagine the same coupon scenario above, but the store in question is Kroger. Additionally, Kroger has put select varieties of Hamburger Helper in its 10 for $10 promotion. The transaction would play out as follows:

  • The customer buys three boxes of Helper for $1 each
  • The customer saves $2.00 total in coupons, as described above.
  • The customer pays $1 for all three boxes, which is less than 50 cents per box!

Those who are willing to do a little bit of research, print Hamburger Helper coupons online, and time purchases with store sales can get an easy-to-make meal for pennies! For those on a budget, these meals may end up costing 50 cents or less per serving, even after the ground beef purchase.

Saltgrass Steakhouse Coupons

Saltgrass Steakhouse Coupons

About the Saltgrass Steakhouse

There is perhaps nothing more synonymous with the Texas lifestyle than that of the state’s famous longhorns. Texas is known for being a state full of rodeos, cattle ranchers and — perhaps not coincidentally — great steaks. With great steaks come great steakhouses, and Saltgrass Steak House is one of Texas’ biggest brands. Though its reach hardly extends outside the state, native Texans and transplants know that the best steak in the state likely comes from this local powerhouse.

On a recent expansion kick, Saltgrass has actually extended it reach outside the Texas borders for the first time since its founding. Largely on the backs of the successful Landry’s Restaurant Group, Saltgrass Steak House has moved into all of the states that neighbor Texas: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Additionally, Landry’s has opened its first location in Nevada. Saltgrass Steak House can now be found in Golden Nugget hotel and casino, which is located in Laughlin, Nevada.

With all of this expansion, as well as the company’s high-quality product, the desire for Saltgrass Steak House coupons is understandably high. Luckily, the company is sensitive to the budgetary concerns of its most frequent diners and has some great official options available. With the right combination of loyalty clubs and Saltgrass Steak House coupons from traditional print sources, a meal at this Texas establishment is more affordable than ever.

The Official Approach: The Landry’s Select Club

Saltgrass Steak House is part of a much larger group of restaurants that operates nationwide. These restaurants are all operated under the umbrella of Landry’s Restaurant Group, and that means there are some distinct benefits for members of the company’s so-called “Select Club.” The first and perhaps biggest benefit is that the Select Club membership is good at every single restaurant operated by Landry’s. So even if you’re not from Texas — or even if you’re leaving Texas for a vacation elsewhere — there are opportunities to save and earn rewards.

And that might be what separates the Landry’s Select Club from just about every other restaurant’s discount programs: diners will certainly get special offers in their email just for signing up, but every time they dine at a Landry’s location, they’ll earn points toward redeemable rewards and even bigger savings on their next meal. The program rewards things like calling in for reservations, booking a special event with the company, or simply coming in for a meal at any time. Every activity that a customer engages in with a Landry’s restaurant earns them points toward extra savings.

Membership in the club requires a user’s home mailing address as well as their first and last names, email address, and mailing preferences. After they submit this information to the company, they’ll get a whole host of special offers in their email for restaurants that the company operates nearby. This is why the address is an essential part of the signup process: the company will target their special promotions only toward the restaurants that are within easy driving distance of a member.

Additional Perks

In addition to earning reward points just for dining at the restaurants that Landry’s owns, Saltgrass Steak House diners will also get priority seating when asking for reservations or simply walking in for dinner unannounced. They’ll also get email access to their account, and a $25 sign-up bonus when they activate their card.

It should be noted that the company’s Select Club does require a small fee to join, but that the company’s sign-up bonuses and rewards practically negate this fee entirely for those who complete the sign-up process. For that reason, this is a worthy investment for all Texans who appreciate the high quality of food at Saltgrass Steak House

Free Coupons and Printable Coupon Codes for Saltgrass Steakhouse

Saltgrass Steak House is a growing enterprise, which has just recently begun to set foot outside of the Texas state borders. That means they’re aggressively trying to promote brand awareness in new markets like Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Louisiana. To do this, they’ve begun advertising in local newspapers throughout the cities that they’ve recently begun to serve.

Saltgrass Steak House diners in those areas — as well as in the restaurant’s native Texas — should check their Sunday newspaper for coupon offers put forth by the company. They’ll typically send one or two special offers out each month for a free entree or a percentage discount on a full family’s meal. The company has even been known to order “three-course” discounts that offer a special prixe fixe price on a full course meal at a time of the customer’s choosing.

As always, this option requires vigilance for coupons as well as careful attention paid to the details. Landry’s coupons — and thus those for Saltgrass Steak House — are notorious for clauses that limit redemption to only one restaurant that serves the customer’s area rather than any location the chain operates. This is generally because each area’s special offers and promotions vary and each franchise has the right to accept or reject a special offer based on its profit margins and financial considerations.

Making Use of Saltgrass Coupons

Always read the fine print with these coupons, and remember that they likely have a quick expiration date that means you’ll need to eat at Saltgrass Steak House sooner rather than later. Regardless, however, they’re a great (old-fashioned) way to save on one of Texas’ best steaks.

Saltgrass Steak House is one of the finest steakhouses in Texas and its ways to save are increasingly numerous and actually financially beneficial. Whether it’s the Select Club’s special membership offers or coupons in the local newspaper, it’s easy to eat more and pay less at this fine Texas restaurant.

Pappadeaux Coupons

Save Money at pappadeaux's

About Pappadeaux Seafood

Pappadeaux is a seafood restaurant that is owned by Pappas Restaurants, which is a privately held restaurant group located out of Houston, TX. The company was founded in 1976 by two brothers, Pete and Jim Pappas. The two brothers have opened a variety of different restaurant including the Pappadeaux seafood restaurant, Pappas Bros Steakhouse, Pappas Seafood House, Pappas Pizza, and Pappas Burger.

In total the restaurant group has opened about 60 different restaurant locations throughout several major American markets including Houston, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, and San Antonio.

One of the most popular restaurants in the Pappas Restaurant Group is the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. The Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen has over a dozen locations most of which are in the Houston and Dallas are, but a few are located around Chicago and Atlanta as well.

Pappadeaux’s Atmosphere

Pappadeaux is best known for providing customers with a fun and upbeat experience, fresh seafood, and menu full of affordable options. Some of the most popular items on the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen are fresh shell fish options including shrimp, clams, and mussels. Some more expensive options, including lobster and salmon, are typically available as well.

The restaurant also boasts a wide range of appetizers, such as friend shrimp and clams, as well as desserts. Each restaurant also has a fully stocked bar which serves many different beer, wine, and mixed drink options. They also have a wide range of specialty cocktail drinks to choose from as well. The full menu tends to change a bit by location and by the season to ensure that customers are only provided with the freshest and best tasting seafood options.

Beyond eating at the restaurant, many customers like to take advantage of the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen by visiting the restaurant’s website. The website has a page dedicated to providing a customer with tips on how to prepare their own Cajun themed seafood dishes. These include many tips on how to make easy to cook dishes as well as dishes on the healthier side. There is also a small glossary which translates traditional Cajun slogans and a page dedicated to giving fun facts about Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen and Cajun inspired cooking.

Ways to Save Money at Pappadeaux’s with Free Internet Coupons

While the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen tends to be much more affordable than many other seafood alternatives, customers can still find ways to save money on their trips to the restaurants. One of the best ways to save money on a lunch or dinner at the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen would be to provide the restaurant with your email address. The restaurant’s website has a section where you can comment on your experience at a local restaurant.

If you leave a comment, good or bad, you will have the option of inputting your email address. If you do this you will be automatically included in their email system. This will lead to you receiving discount and coupon offers on a regular basis. Some of the most popular coupon offers include getting a free appetizer if you purchase a entrée or even receiving a deal where you can get two entrees for the price of one.

Finding Pappadeaux Coupons Locally

While you may be able to find great coupon offers by signing up for the email system through the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen website, there are other ways to get coupons as well. One of the best ways would be to read local periodicals and magazines. To ensure that they are well received by a community, the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen frequently advertises in local media pages.

These typically include full page ads which normally contain a small coupon as well. The coupons available through this source are typically geared to encourage customers to try a new product that they are selling. The coupons typically provide either a free dessert or appetizer or a two for one special on a new entrée they are offering.

Beyond local periodicals, Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen coupons can normally be found in larger coupon books. The coupons found in these books normally provide a customer for a flat dollar amount off of the total purchase or will give free desserts with the purchase of a couple of entrees.

Nutramigen Coupons

Nutramigen Savings & Coupons

Nutramigen, An Enfamil Product

Nutramigen is a special infant formula offered by the makers of Enfamil. Designed to be incredibly gentle on your little one’s stomach, it is often recommended for babies who are suffering from severe acid reflux. While this formula is an excellent choice for babies who are struggling with other options, it is also very expensive. The price is well worth it, but saving money by using Nutramigen coupons is still a good idea.

Babies who are spitting up excessively, are extremely gassy or just fussy for no apparent reason may not be able to handle the more basic formulas. Babies may also have allergies to the proteins in cow’s milk, soy or a general intolerance to lactose. Babies who have acid reflux will also benefit from changing to a gentle formula. Nutramigen is designed specifically for these situations.

Nutramigen is lactose free and hypoallergenic. The proteins in the formula are broken down extensively, making the formula easy on your baby’s sensitive tummy. The amino acid-based formula is designed specifically for those babies that can’t handle the proteins. Fortified with iron, this formula can provide your child with everything he or she needs through the first six months.

History of Enfamil

Enfamil can trace its roots back to 1905 when it was founded in Jersey City, New Jersey. E. Mead focused on infant nutrition to help the many families who were struggling with children who simply could not thrive on either breast milk or cow’s milk. His own son had struggled through feeding problems as an infant, so this issue was particularly important to him. The actual Enfamil name was create in the late 1950’s and continues to be a trusted name for parents today.

Available at most stores that offer baby formula, Nutramigen is sold across the country. It is commonly found in grocery stores and larger discount stores. The price for this formula is much higher than it is for others, but parents find that the positive results for their baby make it worth it. Babies who are suffering from excessive spitting up, gas and fussiness may finally find relief with this Nutramigen.

Free Printable Coupons and Discount Codes for Nutramigen

It is possible to save money on Nutramigen through some careful shopping and the use of coupons. Learn who offers the best price in your town and watch for sales at local stores. This is the best time to layer a coupon for even greater savings. There are many sources for finding Enfamil and Nutramigen coupons.

  • Friends – Let your friends and family know that you need coupons for Enfamil or Nutramigen. Ask them to hold on to coupons for you.
  • Internet – A basic search online will yield Nutramigen coupons. In addition to searching for “Enfamil coupons” you can also search for “Enfamil offerings”.
  • Enfamil Website – The Enfamil website offers programs and coupons that can save you money throughout the year.
  • Newspaper – The weekly paper may have coupons for you. Watch the flyers not only for sales at local stores but also for money-saving coupons.
  • Mailers – There are many mailers that provide savings for homeowners. Sometimes they will even have valuable coupons for Enfamil formula and Nutramigen.
  • Specialty Websites – There are blogs out there dedicated to helping people save money or cope with a baby’s food allergy. They may offer a limited number of Nutramigen coupons from time to time, so check with them often. Nutramigenbabyformula is one such site that is a good source for printable coupons.
  • Call the Company – You can also call the company directly to see if they will mail you some coupons. Be sure to play up what a loyal customer you are and how much you love the product.
  • Deal of the Day Websites – These sites can also provide you with an opportunity to save money. Sign up for the e-mail lists to be notified of the deals you are interested in.
  • Buy in Bulk – Consider purchasing your baby’s Nutramigen in bulk to save some money. Check the prices at local superstores. Be sure to take along a coupon to save a little more.
  • – Nutramigen can be purchased by the case from the online store at a nice discount.

Nutramigen is a necessary formula for many infants who are unable to break down the proteins on their own. While the cost of the formula seems high, there are many ways to save money and still keep your child in comfort during and after meals.

You can expect Nutramigen coupons to save you up to $10 on a container.

Stoney River Steakhouse Coupons

Stoney River Steakhouse Coupon Codes

Stoney River History

Stoney River Steakhouse has a contemporary-styled, lodge environment. Complete with a crackling fireplace, the familiar comfort is evident upon arrival. Founded in 2000, there are several of these restaurants located in the United States. Stoney River is an upscale steakhouse that appeals to both casual and fine dining patrons alike and is known to invoke feelings of nostalgia in all who dine there.

It is known not only for the high quality foods that are offered, but also the superior customer service. The entire staff treats every customer like family regardless if it is the first visit or the twentieth. The goal is to make each patron feel at home and appreciated while serving a meal reminiscent of an upscale restaurant for a fraction of the cost.

Amazing Appetizers

Beginning with a full appetizer menu consisting of a luscious sampling of specialty noshes, the senses immediately come to life. There are no wrong answers when making a selection whether it’s for the Mountain of Bleu Cheese Chips or the luscious Jumbo Lump Crab Cake. For those a little more health-conscious, fresh from the garden salads are also featured with an upscale twist by adding such things as seared tuna in addition to staples such as vine-ripened tomatoes.

Legendary Steaks

Stoney River is renowned for their tender, grain-fed steaks which they deem as “legendary”…and their clientele agree! One popular steak that is distinctive and mouth-watering is the Coffee-Cured Filet. With a texture like butter and a rich, distinct flavor, this steak will please even the most discerning carnivore. It just doesn’t get any better than this….or does it?


Stoney River is also delighted to cater to the customers who are non-beef eaters as well. Especially for them is a list of gourmet entrees which includes succulent Baby Back Ribs and Pecan Encrusted Swordfish that gives the rich and tender flesh a hint of crunch and salt. A dozen accompaniments have been created to pair perfectly with any of the entrees. A full cocktail menu is available as well as a list of over 100 alluring wines from all over the world.

Icing on the Cake

Finally, the perfect finish to an ideal meal is their selection of desserts. Who could resist their sinful creation of the Chocolate-on-Chocolate Ganache Cake served with shots of cold milk? This guilty pleasure is a monstrosity! This decadent, ambrosial indulgence satisfies even the most determined chocolate addict.

Special Rewards

Customer satisfaction is the essence of Stoney River. The royal treatment begins at the front as patrons are greeting with an open door and a smile from one of our service professionals. They have private rooms at the lodge that can be transformed into a party place or a meeting hall. Simply ask a server while visiting or place a call to the establishment to secure one of these gathering places. Stoney River is also happy to customize a menu for any gathering.

Another way Stoney River tries to make each customer feel appreciated is by offering membership into The Red Canoe Society. The membership form gives guests the option of sharing things they enjoy such as wine tastings, cooking classes, and Scotch/Bourbon tastings.

Many perks and special offers come along with joining that are available only to members. Upon joining the Society, a valuable coupon is sent to the email registered to show gratitude. This is their way of rewarding customers for their loyalty and patronage.

Find Free Ways to Save Money with Stoney River Steakhouse Coupons

The Red Canoe Society is Stoney River’s main rewards program, but there are many other money-saving offers obtainable. One of those offers is to simply dine at Stoney Rivers. Upon paying the bill at the restaurant, the server oftentimes will present patrons with $20 coupons off their next visit. Their website is also a place that frequently has coupons. This is perhaps one of the most reliable and regular method of acquiring discounts for Stoney Rivers.

Stoney River repeatedly runs special discount coupons in local newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. These coupons range for the occasional 2 for the price of 1 to the more frequent add on a side for free. When Stoney River has a new addition to their menu, they will often offer it up in a coupon. The expiration dates for these are usually limited to around a month. Local coupon books often contain similar coupons to what is offered on their website.

Around the holidays is a very good time to take advantage of a special that often makes repeat performances. If a customer purchases $100 in gift certificates, the restaurant rewards them with an additional $25 certificate. Stoney River truly values its patrons.

Dickeys BBQ Coupons

Coupons for Dickey's BBQ

History of Dickey’s BBQ

There’s one thing that unites all of America’s southern states, regardless of their other differences or disagreements, and that is barbecue. Every state has its own method of creating the best pulled pork or pit barbecue products in the country. Whether it’s a special sauce, a special way of roasting the meat, or a special smoke, you’ll find every variety form North Carolina to Texas.

And Texas, since 1941, has been the home of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. The restaurant was founded with two goals in mind: first, to create the absolute best barbecue in Texas — and maybe the world. Second, the restaurant founders wanted to get the world’s best barbecue to their customers in record time. This focus on high quality food and high-speed serving has led the restaurant to huge success in its native state.

In the early 2000s, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit decided to expand outward — or, more accurate, eastward. They now operate franchise locations in most eastern American states as well as neighboring (or nearby) states like Oklahoma, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Success of Dickey’s

Because no American in his or her right mind can turn down the best barbecue Texas has to offer, the chain has experienced great success and the demand for its meals is increasing every day. With that increased demand comes a focus on savings — specifically, Dickey’s BBQ coupons that can save diners a Texas-sized amount of money on their meals at the restaurant chain.

Whether it’s through the company’s own discount club or through third-party sources, there are a number of great ways to snag an excellent deal on the company’s unique brand of Texas barbecue and culture.

Saving Money at Dickey’s BBQ with Coupons and Printable Discounts

One of the signature items found at every single Dickey’s Barbecue Pit locations is its big yellow cups. These cups are named as such because they are pretty large in size when compared to most franchises and can hold a huge amount of soda. It’s the Texas spin on beverage sizes, and it’s made the company famous in the process. Because of this, the company has named their exclusive discount club after these giant yellow cups that can be seen throughout its restaurants.

To join the Big Yellow Cup Club, customers will need to navigate to the company’s website and click on the large sign that asks them to join the club. There, they’ll be greeted with a simple sign-up form. Customers will need to enter their first name and last name, as well as their email address. They’ll also need to supply their favorite location (or the one where they most frequently enjoy the company’s menu) as well as their zip code. With all of that having been filled out, it’s as easy as clicking the “submit” button and receiving the company’s first offer.

The first offer a customer receives can vary depending on which promotions the company is currently running for its Big Yellow Cup Club membership, but typically will consist of a free entree from the menu, or a free second entree with the purchase of the first. That makes it great for dates and family meals, and it’s a significant savings for frequent diners at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit.

Save Money by Subscribing

As an added bonus, subscribers to the company’s Big Yellow Cup Club will receive their very own Big Yellow Cup upon redeeming their introductory special offer at a Dickey’s location. And that means they can enjoy an official, Texas-sized soda or other beverage at home whenever they see fit.

The company will then send periodic special offers to its club members, and invite them to try new menu offerings by offering them for free. Club members can expect percentage discounts from these coupons — such as 25 percent off of a family’s meal — as well as “buy one get one” deals on entrees or other promotions. And they’ll be clued into the latest happenings at the company, as each special offer comes paired with news about what’s going on at the restaurant.

Other Great Ways to Save

Dickey’s BBQ coupons don’t just come via email, however. The company is aggressively expanding its number of franchises in just about every state across the country; to raise brand awareness and get people hooked on the product, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit typically includes special coupons and offers in Sunday newspaper flyers and other promotional mailings. These deals are a great way to supplement membership in the Big Yellow Cup Club, as the discounts are often different from those received via email.

Additionally, as an expanding franchise, Dickey’s usually kick-starts its new locations with a night of free dining before the grand opening. These events serve as training days for staff members, especially since most people outside of Texas have never heard of the restaurant chain before. These events are “invitation-only.” The company will send an invitation dealing free dining nights for customers to the addresses that are closest to the new location. It’s as easy as taking this invite, enjoying a meal, and tipping the server who introduced you to a great Dickey’s meal.

Those who are familiar with Dickey’s Pit Barbecue know that its menu is unique, flavorful, and high-quality. And they want to eat there more often. The best way to do this is to join the company’s official discount club and get regular offers via email for free entrees and BOGO deals. But it’s important to keep an eye out for new restaurant openings (and invitations) and the company’s regular weekly mailings of clip-able coupons. The combination of these three tactics will make Dickey’s that much tastier and more affordable when the barbecue craving hits.

Sonny’s BBQ Coupon

Sonny Bbq

Founder Floyd Tillman, better known as “Sonny”, established Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q in Gainesville, Florida back in 1968. Since then, this famous restaurant has branched out to 9 southern states and has over 125 diverse locations.

When you stop-in, you’ll partake in a southern-style meal like never before. In fact, after just one trip to Sonny’s and the opportunity to experience a signature dish, you’ll swiftly comprehend its popularity. Meats such as ribs and chicken are slow-cooked to perfection.

When you take a moment to learn a bit about Sonny’s “the restaurant” and Sonny’s “the franchise,” you’ll be glad to get the “know-how” on where to obtain Sonny’s Bar-B-Q coupons.

Signature Dishes

Finger-licking and mouthwatering entries will placate any appetite when you visit a Sonny’s restaurant. This southern-style cuisine serves up some of the unsurpassed home-style meals you’ll ever sink your teeth in to. You’ll take pleasure in everything from St. Louis Cut Ribs, Pulled Beef Brisket and Sliced Turkey to Southern Catfish Fillet, Char-grilled Chicken and Sonny’s Signature Baby Backs; no matter what your decision–you won’t be disenchanted.

The Rib Sampler is one option if you can’t decide on any one particular item. When you select the Rib Sampler, you’ll indulge yourself with the Sweet & Smokey St. Louis Cut Ribs or Classic Dry Rub Ribs plus a portion of the Signature Baby Back Ribs.

Odds and Ends

Don’t forget to order at least one of the tasty appetizers such as Chicken Wings, Corn Nuggets or Southern Recipe Brunswick Stew; all of which are flavorsome meal starters. The side dishes are perfectly prepared to enhance any entree with choices such as Baked Sweet Potato, Homemade Macaroni & Cheese, Loaded Mashed Potatoes and Cinnamon Apples. Homemade Fruit Cobbler served with a generous scoop of ice cream, Home-style Banana Pudding or Double Chocolate Brownie Bliss are the ideal endings to any feast.

Bring Home the Flavors of Sonny’s in a Bottle

Sonny’s Bar-B-Q proudly features an array of great tasting home-cooked sauces like Sonny’s Sizzlin’ Sweet Sauce; created to heat things up–back in your own kitchen. Sonny’s Smokin’ Bar-B-Q Sauce, Sonny’s Mustard Sauce, Sonny’s Mild Bar-B-Q Sauce and Sonny’s Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce can be purchased online or at any one of the Sonny’s restaurants.

Sonny’s Corporate Motto

“At Sonny’s we are dedicated to the communities we serve and strive to touch the lives of our guests–that is why we made a commitment to philanthropy at the corporate, restaurant and franchisee level. We empower and encourage our team members to make a difference for those who are less fortunate.”

Community Dedication

Sonny’s Franchise Company continues to give back to the community and values education on every level. As an immense supporter for education, Sonny’s provides schools and its teachers with the necessary items needed to support in educating children from elementary schools through to college and med-school. Sonny’s supports countless charitable organizations that fund and maintain education.


Sonny’s partners with a multiple of organizations in education like UCF Medical School, Seminole County Public Schools, the University of Florida, Orange Public Schools and A Gift for Teaching.

Some other programs that Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q is involved with are Boy Scouts of America, Central Florida Council, Orange County COMPACT, March of Dimes, Osceola Center for the Arts, Orlando Repertory Theater, Children’s Miracle Network, BETA Center, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Adult Literacy League, and Children’s Home Society–just to name a few.

Annual Contests

Sonny’s has an “Annual Flat Sonny Summer Travels Contest;” to enter–simply print out the Sonny coloring page from the website. Submit an imaginative photo of Sonny; or present a photo of you posing with Sonny; then write a brief photo description. One example of the type of prize you can win is a free dinner for 4 at a Sonny’s Restaurant and 4 Walt Disney Park Hopper passes.

Just for the Kids

Sonny loves to include the under 12 crowd in activity contests. An example of a kid contest is Sonny’s search for the perfect “dog” photo. Children were asked to send in a photo and name of any beloved dog. The victor enjoyed a family get-away to Grand Pineapple Beach Resorts plus this winning pet photo gets illustrated in an upcoming Sonny’s activity book; a prize from Pet Land was an added bonus.

E-mail Club Coupons

If you’re already a Sonny’s enthusiast or have become intrigued to stop in, you’ll want to first sign-up to become a member of Sonny’s E-Mail Club. Simply visit and click on the E-mail Club. Here as a member, you’ll obtain on-going information about Sonny’s such as upcoming events, special deals and obtainable coupons to use at a Sonny’s locations near you.

Finding Sonny’s BBQ Coupons

There are plenty of websites accessible that offer numerous deals and price cuts to use at Sonny’s such as where you’ll have admittance to coupons from 100’s of restaurants, including Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q. offers restaurant coupons when available, so be sure to check often for a Sonny’s coupon. Some coupon websites will offer coupons for a specific city such as for those residing in or visiting Fort Myers, Florida; and are a few other sites you may wish to check out.

Newspapers offering coupons for a particular region near any one of the Sonny’s restaurants is a great place to check for possible one time coupons and deals. Since Sonny’s is a franchise, many owners will advertise coupons for their specific location.

A Final Coupon Thought

Unfortunately, some Internet websites claim to offer Sonnysbbq coupons, but don’t. They lure you into a particular website then redirect you to visit to join the E-Mail Club. Therefore, why not go straight to the source initially; stop by to sign-up today.